Sinking Ships

Episode 1 - Welcome to the Sweet Trade

Welcome to the Sweet Trade

The party woke up hung over and beaten upon a strange ship. Greeted by a sinister looking man known as Master Scourge, they were forced up to the main deck. The Captain introduced himself as Barnabas Harrigan, captain of the Wormwood, and left the rest of the introductions to an angry young man named Mr. Plugg.

Mr. Plugg used some ingenious testing techniques to determine that Corvus would become the new Rigger, and then continued his detailed analysis to give Brook the Cook’s Mate position. Tragen, and a freshly unconscious Morgana were determined to be Swabs, and all sent off on their respective tasks for the day.

At the end of the first day of work, the wormwood clock began ringing it’s bell to signal the “Bloody Hour”, at which point a thief named Jakes Magpie was keelhauled by Mr. Plugg, and his remains thrown to the sharks. Shortly after this event the “Ship’s Biscuit” was served to the crew, along with the daily Rum Ration.

Entertainment ensued belowdecks, as Conchobhar began taking bets on various events, including a surprising arm-wrestling upset between Rosie Cusswell and Fipps Chumlett. The night ended calmly, and everyone drifted into fitful alcohol infused sleep.

Welcome to the Sweet Trade.


Cidwin Cidwin

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