Sinking Ships

Episode 13 - The Battle of the Blue Nixie

These are the stories of legends!

Without knowing much about the capabilities of either opposing ship, the Storm’s Herald picked up speed to chase down the Blue Nixie – leaving the Truewind trailing behind. After a short chase, the Herald was deftly maneuvered into position by sailing master Tragen. The fighting crew of the Herald were worked into a bloodlust by the spectacle with prisoner Tharkidor and the chase of the Nixie, and immediately began the slaughter of her crew.

After a quick engagement, the Nixie’s officers fell and the ship was under the control of Captain One Boot. A short lived victory however, as almost immediately after the Nixie fell the Truewind was sighted in a ramming course with it. Bursts of light filled the sky, as magical fire rained down upon the sails of the Storm’s Herald. The voice of a madman could be heard over the crashing waves, taunting the crew of the Storm’s herald from the bow of the Truewind – it was Zan, of the Lotus Dragons. His taunt’s turned into panic as another ball of flame misfired directly into the sails of the Truewind, igniting them instantly.

Without much choice, the Herald’s crew split their forces and quickly took command of the Nixie – narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with the oncoming Truewind. In the same instant, Tolin Kientai lept from the bow of the Truewind directly onto the Blue Nixie, nearly slicing Cromarcky in half with his blade and forcing her to retreat. In a blur of steel and kicks, he had disabled Thomas and taken control of the forecastle. Seeing that Brandr was busy at the wheel, he helped Thomas up and began his investigation of the ship to find the Ring.

Meanwhile, Brook and Tragen were locked in a heated ship battle between the damaged Truewind and the Storm’s Herald, now under-crewed and also damaged. Piloted by the stern dwarf Kaskus Kiel, the Truewind was a formidable opponent, but no match for the skill of Tragen. Guided by Gozreh’s hand and Brook’s mouth, Tragen and the Storm’s herald mercilessly dashed apart the Truewind piece by piece. It was clear that Zan’s anger was growing uncontrollable, as he kept searching for a way aboard the Herald – however when all was lost he listened to Kaskus and they began to retreat across the air in the direction of the Blue Nixie, leaving the Truewind to it’s watery grave.

Aboard the Blue Nixie, Moussa managed to stall Tolin for a moment below decks. It was clear that Tolin was not alone aboard the Nixie however, as he was communicating with someone – the Lotus Dragon mage Liamae Teslikaria. Once informed that the ring was in their possession, Tolin headed to the deck of the Nixie where he encountered Thomas, and a furious Captain Gunnarson. Excitedly accepting One Boot’s challenge, Tolin bargined with the unseen mage for a few seconds of time to engage this new opponent – Cromarky grabbed the wheel of the Nixie, and a deadly dance began. It was quickly apparent that even together, Brandr and Thomas were outclassed by this swordsman. After disabling Brandr, throwing Thomas overboard, and some closing remarks from both sides, Tolin was whisked away by Liamae’s magic into the middle of the sea where Kaskus and Zan awaited.

The battle was not over however, as Tragen wheeled the Herald around once more towards the Lotus Dragons in the water – gaining as much speed as possible to ram them. Liamae desperately called out her magic to create a massive ring of fire surrounding the group – knowing that surely the ship would not sail through it. Cries of panic and agony could be heard in the water as Tragen plowed the Storm’s Herald directly through the fire into the Lotus Dragons.

It wasn’t until minutes later, when the fires were all put out and the crew recovered that they realized the Lotus Dragons had narrowly escaped. Gnasher was found with a new wound, and a bit of blue cloak and chain-link armor in his mouth.

After taking a week to recover, repair, and salvage what they could from the sunken Truewind, the Storm’s Herald and Blue Nixie set sail for Bloodcove, tacking along the southern boarder of the Shackles.

Sailing up upon Tidewater Rock, Captain One Boot’s thirst for adventure grew once again – and a small boarding party was set ashore to investigate the defenses of this Island Fortress. The crew made their way to the edge of a lagoon that harbored two ships. The first ship was a smaller Junk named the “Large Assets”, known to be the property of Lady Agasta Smythee, the current owner of Tidewater Rock.

The second ship however, was the problem. An enormous four masted Chellish Man-O-War armed with nearly two dozen siege engines, a massive crew, and emblazoned with the coat of House Thrune. This beast is a well known Chellaxian Pirate Hunter called the Dominator, and it’s imposing figure is blocking the only way into the Harbor of Tidewater Rock.


Cidwin Cidwin

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