Sinking Ships

Episode 15 - Making Waves

Free Captain no more!

Game Session 15: 12/16/12

Key Events:
Lamashan 19

  • Freed Lavinia Vanderboren from the family vault alive
  • Found the debt ledgers from various individuals/organizations to Vanderboren family

Lamashan 26

  • Learned about a Pathfinder ship named the Ancient Rumors, carrying a large amount of plunder
  • Killed Free Captain Gortus Svard in the open streets of Bloodcove with little provocation

Lamashan 27

  • Verbally assaulted the Bloodcove city guard the next morning
  • Sold the Vanderboren Manor to the Aspis Consortium, settling all debts between their organization and the Vanderboren family

Neth 2

  • Defeated the remaining crew of the Devil’s Palor while assaulting the Ancient Rumor
  • Acquired all the plunder from the Ancient Rumors, negotiating for the freedom of Pathfinder Captain Zoe Feather


Cidwin Cidwin

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