Sinking Ships

Episode 16 - Cracking the Rock

Something borrowed... Something Blue...

Game Session 16: 1/6/13

Key Events:
Neth 4

  • 3 Crew missing after a night raid by Sahugain on the Storms Herald while traveling to Tidewater Rock

Neth 6

  • Negotiated a meeting with Agasta Smythee and Royster McCleagh of Tidewater Rock
  • Agreed that Chomarcky would be held hostage during the meeting
  • Lured into a trap dinner with Chellaxian Commander Cyan Kain, Hellknight Captain of the Dominator
  • Chomarcky was released by Royster during the dinner, and managed to sabotage the Dominator hiding under Tidewater Rock
  • The rest of the party fought off Cyan Kain in the dining room, and made their escape back to the Storms Herald

Neth 7

  • The Dominator chased the Storms Herald through the Southern part of the Shackles

Neth 8

  • Free Captain Merill Pegsworthy’s fleet showed up, and chased off the Dominator
  • Traded a piece of the Dominator to Captain Pegsworthy for a favor to be claimed later
  • Thomas Bevel agreed to a contract of marriage with Agasta Smythee for 1 year, becoming the Lord of Tidewater Rock

Neth 14

  • Ran across a sinking Mwangi sailing vessel, which turned out to be a Sahugain ambush


Cidwin Cidwin

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