Sinking Ships

Episode 17 - Welcome to the Shackles

More dangerous without the Dominator around?

Game Session 17: 1/18/13

Key Events:
Neth 17

  • Continued sailing towards Senghor
  • Finished deciphering the riddle on the Ancient Stela: “The Blue Ring lies where the Sharks gather in the Legs of the Centipede. The mind sings to Stormfire, Peace guides the way.”
  • Brook turned 33, and shared a rare moment of conversation with Hannah Coralhide that showed her feelings

Neth 18

  • Found the Famished Mane floating in the waters near Senghor disguised as a merchant ship
  • Fought (and won) a vicious battle with the crew
    • Besmara’s Treasures: Smood (x2), Theodore, Sheila, Duke Ortega, Ivory Topalopafin
  • Recruited Cyvantris Tisserond (Captain) and Hajari (Master at Arms) of the Famished Mane as mercenaries aboard the Storm’s Herald
  • Headed back to Tidewater Rock with the Famished Mane in tow

Neth 20

  • Sailed through tropical storm Camacho for nearly 12 hours, narrowly avoiding the worst parts of the storm
    • Besmara’s Treasures: Melanomian

Neth 22

  • Recruited Sparky Twizzletoff and his crew near Tidewater rock as the “Official fishermen”

Neth 24

  • Landed at Tidewater Rock

Neth 27

  • Set Sail for Quent

Neth 28

  • Found one of the fishing villages in the Shackles had been left disease-ridden and dying
  • Assumed to be the work of Free Captain Skivven Snoutboil, of the barge “Cesspool”
  • Burned a rat infested ship floating in the harbor, and left

Neth 30

  • Sighted the “Horned Velvet”, the ship of Pirate Lord Longbeard headed for Devil’s Arches while passing through Shenchu Bay

Kuthona 3

  • Landed in Quent and purchased a favored slip for the Storm’s Herald
  • Chomarcky went to the House of Stolen Kisses to get her curse removed
  • Met with the High Priestess of Calistria, Dindreann, who cured the curse but magically put Chomarcky on a Quest in return
    • Quest Details:
    • Find and return the stolen “Golden Vespal”, and enact the Goddess’ revenge on the ones that took it.
    • The Golden Vespal was last seen on the captured ship the “Lady’s Sting”.
    • Divinations have revealed that the ship was captured by a group of pirates who deliberately lure ships into danger and salvage the wreckage, somewhere near Shark Island.


Cidwin Cidwin

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