Sinking Ships

Episode 18 - Recovering the Vespal

Ships, Secrets, and Sex

Game Session 18: 2/3/13

Key Events:
Kuthona 5

  • Continued hanging out in Quent
  • Brandyr visited the lavish house of Lady Cerise Bloodmourne, Pirate Lord and second in command to Tessa Fairwind, but was added to a lengthy list of suitors and sent packing by her crew
  • Learned that Lady Cerise Bloodmourne is an extremely talented liar, and a notorious womanizer
  • Met with Lady Cerise Bloodmourne at The Barnacle tavern, with Chomarcky posing as Lavinia Vanderboren
  • Immediately after the introduction of “Lady Vanderboren”, Cerise flipped the table and led dashed across the nearby rooftops – screaming that she wasn’t going to pay and eventually being convinced that she was drugged
  • Chomarcky was rendered unconcious by a trap pillar felled by Brandyr, and Cerise negotiated a night with the Bosun for sparing her life

Kuthona 7

  • Left Quent headed for Beachcomber on Bag Island in search of information about the “Lady’s Sting”

Kuthona 10

  • Landed in Beachcomber
  • Sighted a strange darkly colored ship named the “Darkbow” docked in Beachcomber
  • Found information about a rumored temple of Norgorber somewhere in the Lurker District
  • Met with a masked halfling named “Slip” in an abandoned warehouse he called the Temple of the Hidden Name; and traded the Vanderboren debt for information about the location of the Lady’s Sting – captured by a group of wreckers following a wizard named Vakarla south of the Rampore Isles
    Quest Details:
  • “Slip” is looking for the secrets behind the supernatural speed of a ship named the Brine Banshee
    • The Brine Banshee is a famous ship that disappeared a few months back after leaving port west of Ollo
    • It stopped in Quent prior to visiting Ollo

Kuthona 13

  • Found a strange ship sailing near the Rampore Isles named the “Shining Star”
  • Determined that the reef was covered in powerful illusions too late, and the Storm’s Herald was trapped
  • Fought a battle against Vakarla and her wrecker crews
    • Besmara’s Treasures: Hajari
  • Vakarla escaped, but was chased to her stronghold on a nearby shore
  • The Golden Vespal was recovered, along with other treasures


Cidwin Cidwin

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