Sinking Ships

Episode 19 - Grim Tides

Old rivals begin to surface - The New Year approaches

Game Session 19: 2/8/13

Key Events:
Kuthona 14

  • Ambushed at night by a seemingly abandoned ship named the Darkbow
  • Defeated the endless waves of skeletons, strange undead women, and a necromancer on the Darkbow
  • Heard the necromancer calling out “That’s her, his wench! She’s wearing his feather. Make sure to keep her intact, she’ll give us his location – dead pirates don’t lie.”
  • Headed to Slipcove with the damaged Darkbow in tow
  • Besmara’s Treasures
    • Hajari, Jone, Ebony Topalopafin, Iceman

Kuthona 16

  • Landed in Slipcove
  • Paid the 500g tribute to the Halflings of Bag Island for docking permission
  • Hung out in Slipcove, raising reputation and selling Plunder
  • Watched as Chomarcky quickly deteriorated from the Quest spell that was not being actively worked

Kuthona 22

  • Sold the Darkbow in Slipcove for a large amount of Honey Mead
  • Headed to Quent

Kuthona 23

  • Landed in Quent
  • Chomarcky recovers
  • Returned the Golden Vespal to the House of Stolen Kisses
  • Hung out in Quent, raising reputation and gathering information

Kuthona 26

  • Gathered information about the Brine Banshee
    • A retired ship’s doctor in Ollo named Haneilius Fitch claims to have a means to locate the Brine Banshee, but is looking for someone to bankroll his expedition.

Kuthona 27

  • Successfully scryed on Corvus Dreadbeak

Kuthona 29

  • Learned about Free Captain Corvus Dreadbeak and his successful mutiny against Barnabus Harrigan
  • Failed scrying attempt on Vanthus Vanderboren

Kuthona 30


Cidwin Cidwin

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