Sinking Ships

Episode 20 - Happy New Years

A Night to Remember - Well, Mostly...

Game Session 20: 2/15/13

Key Events:
Abadius 1

  • Thomas, Morgana, Tessa, Cerise, and Barnabas teleport to the docks ahead of everyone else
    • Ships are beginning to set up bombardment
    • Two ships slam into the docks and Chellish soldiers pour out
    • Tessa Fairwind flies towards her ship, leaving Cerise in charge
    • Cerise, Thomas, and Morgana hold off one ship while Barnabas takes the second alone
    • Morgana snoops around one of the ships and discovers a strange black room with endless soldiers exiting
  • Tragen flies to the Storm’s Herald
    • Uses Cyvantris to press-gang crew
    • Tragen guides the merchant fleet through the blockade
    • Teams up with the Luck of the Draw (Tessa’s Sloop) to trash the blockade
    • Tragen is given command of the fleet in the harbor and told to wait for the signal to attack
  • Brandr reaches the dock just as the retreat is called
    • Pegsworthy, Sandara, and Moussa are missing – but Rosie is found severely wounded and in a state of shock
    • The city regroups in the center of town, and is Rallied by Tessa Fairwind
    • The crew of the Storm’s Herald is selected to lead the vanguard, and forces their way past chellish soldiers and other strange creatures to reach the docks once again
  • Tessa begins an aerial spellduel with an unknown snake-woman over the docks
    • Tragen distracts the bombarding ships by leading the Quent Fleet + Merchant ships into battle
    • The crew discovers that Barnabas Harrigan never retreated, and find him standing on a pile of Chellish corpses at the docks
    • Brandr, Morgana, Thomas, Cerise, and Barnabas engage a T-Rex and strange bird-creature on the docks in a deadly battle
    • The snake-woman is forced to retreat
    • The combat at the docks ends, but Barnabas quickly turns to Thomas and calls him out
    • Brandr steps up, rallying dozens of crew from other ships against Barnabas Harrigan
    • In an unexplained showing of power, Harrigan unleashes a wave of evil malice – causing everyone to flee in terror while he rips his blade through Captain “One Boot”
    • Peppery Longfarthing is heard saying “You’re time is almost up” just before retreating with Harrigan
  • Brook is led further into the city by Hannah – who is very silent about the current situation
    • Eventually they enter “Fat Jessup’s” tavern

The rest of Brook’s Memory is Blank – and everything else is unknown to the party

  • Hannah reveals that someone who boarded the wormwood in Port Peril is a traitor to the Shackles, and her mission is to find out who
    • Brook and Hannah discover Corvus Dreadbeak at the tavern
    • Corvus has somehow reanimated Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge
    • Conchobar Shortstone enters the tavern, but leaves promptly after seeing Corvus
    • Brook, Hannah, and Corvus give chase
    • Hannah breaks off chase and distracts Corvus
    • Brook charms Conchobar, but is led into a dark alley where he discovers Sandara Quinn standing over the bodies of Moussa and Pegsworthy
    • Brook is promptly paralyzed with magic by an unknown voice, and knocked unconscious
  • Besmara’s Treasures
    • Gogo, Flavious the Taster, E-Roe, Terin, Squints, Adam, Sparkles, Diter, Tokey

Happy New Years


Cidwin Cidwin

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