Sinking Ships

Episode 21 - Regrouping

Brook the ladies man

Game Session 21: 3/8/13

Key Events:
Abadius 1

  • Discussed future business opportunities with Tessa Fairwind
    • Tessa is looking for powerful allies within the Pirate world, specifically free captains
    • She has offered to help in getting an audience with the Hurricane King as long as her involvement stays secret
    • In return, she wants insider information about Chellish activity within the Shackles
    • Tessa informs that Brook Wavestrider is being held somewhere near Devil’s Arches
  • Scrying on Brook reveals that he is being held (read: tortured) by Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone
  • Set sail for Devil’s Arches

Abadius 3

  • Continued scrying attempts on Brook reveal that he is giving up information to Conchobhar
  • Morgana receives word from Corvus Dreadbeak that Brook has been taken to Mezdrubal, and that they are now considered “Even”

Abadius 4

  • Brook breaks out of captivity, killing Conchobhar and becoming allies with Targin Tshamek
    • Once finally out of the strange holding cell, Brook discovers Sandara Quinn also locked up and beaten
    • Brook, Sanara, and Targin free themselves and release Targin’s gang, now known as “Brook’s Bastards”
  • The dockmaster in Mezdrubal recognizes Conchobhar’s description, and sends the group downshore
  • The team begins breaking into a chellish hideout and discovers that Hannah Coralhide has beaten them there, and become a lot more powerful
    • During the confrontation, the crew finds Brook and company mid-escape
    • Morgana once again hears Tipzin in her head
  • During the battle Hannah attacks Sandara with new-found power, claiming that she is not what she seems
    • Brook manages to calm Hannah, but the trap laid by Tipzin engulfs them all
    • Hannah is destroyed in the blast, along with any evidence of what has happened
  • After recovering, the crew of the Storm’s Herald heads for Port Peril

Abadius 6

  • The Storm’s Herald docks in Port Peril at the Crescent Island, where the ship is put into Quarantine for inspection


Cidwin Cidwin

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