Sinking Ships

Episode 22 - Full Circle

Port Peril at last!

Game Session 22: 3/15/13

Key Events:
Abadius 6

  • Brook joins the Mystic Redoubt in Port Peril as a member
  • Most of the crew spends the evening enjoying the sites of the pirate haven

Abadius 7-8

  • Sightseeing and recruiting in Port Peril

Abadius 9

  • Tired of waiting, Brandr expedites the Quarantine of the Storm’s Herald
  • The Boarding Pike of Repelling and a horde of plunder is sent to Fort Hazard as Tribute to the Hurricane King to request audience

Abadius 10

  • Sailed the Storm’s Herald across to the Merchant Marina
  • Returned to the Formidibly Maid to spend the evening drinking
  • The crew encountered an interesting man, Free Captain Pierce Jerell of the “Salty Flagon”
    • A Bar fight broke out between the crew of the Storm’s Herald and the patrons of the Maid
    • Pierce jumped into the fight immediately, enjoying the back and forth banter (but not the flying tables)
    • Eventually yielding, Pierce assures the crew that it was all in good fun and buys drinks for the remainder of the evening
  • A Homunculus appears later that night, requesting that Captain One Boot appear at the Promontory (AKA Dagon’s Dick) at Dawn by request of Tsadok Goldtooth, first mate of the Filthy Lucre
    • Pierce informs the crew that the Promontory is used for duels, and that Tsadok never loses
    • The Promontory is scouted that night

Abadius 11

  • Dawn at the Dick reveals that Tsadok and crew are waiting eagerly
    • Tsadok is the gatekeeper for entrance into the Hurricane King’s audience
    • He informs the crew that two pirates have requested audience this week, and since “His Saltiness” is a busy man, they will fight to the death for the honor
  • A scrawny man pushes through the crowd and introduces himself as Douglas Smith, the other challenger
    • Brandr and Douglas square off, and a magically infused battle begins
    • During the fight, Brandr and crew recognize the fighting style as none other than Pierce Jerell
    • In an impressive victory, Brandr flings the body of “Douglas” off the Promontory into the tides below
    • Tsadok informs them that they will have their audience, but tonight they dine with him aboard his ship the “Dirty Doubloon”
  • The crew meets Pierce Jerell for lunch later in the day, where he is found to be alive and well
    • Pierce reveals that he is working with Tessa Fairwind, and that although the lies were necessary, he’s glad to have more strong allies


Cidwin Cidwin

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