Sinking Ships

Episode 23 - Free Captains

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Game Session 23: 3/29/13

Key Events:
Abadius 11

  • The crew finished meeting with Pierce and gathered their wits for the coming evening
  • Officers of the Herald met with Tsadok Goldtooth that night at his ship the Dirty Dubloon
  • A fierce game of gambling took place, with ever increasing stakes
  • By the end, only Thomas, Brandr, and Tsadok remained in play – the bet involved a detailed string of events including tattoo’s of the other players and naked laps around the ship
  • Tsadok Goldtooth never loses
  • Brandr and Thomas kept their word, and were inked in the ass as many would-be free captains before them
  • Much celebration was had that night, and Brook took advantage of the crowd by telling all the best stories about the Storm’s Herald and her crew

Abadius 12

  • The crew of the Storm’s Herald woke up in the bar with dizzy headaches from the previous night, but spent the day recovering
  • At the decided hour, the officers of the Storms Herald approached the Northern pier of Port Peril and were ferried across to Fort Hazard by Tsadok Goldtooth
  • The Hurricane King’s feast had already begun, and the crew took seats at a table near Tsadok’s crew
  • Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King introduced himself – and demanded stories from the would-be free captains Brandr and Thomas (!?!)
  • Both men impressed the Lords of the Shackles, and were named Free Captains
  • Later that evening, Kerdak made his first request of the new Captains – to bring him information on what makes the Brine Banshee such a fast ship

Abadius 13-26

  • The crew of the Storm’s Herald made a whirlwind trip around the Eastern Shackles, selling spare ships, making repairs, restocking Tidewater Rock, and gathering new crewmembers

Abadius 26

  • Free Captain Thomas Bevel, Lord of Tidewater christened his newly upgraded ship the Barrel Roll


Cidwin Cidwin

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