Sinking Ships

Episode 24 - Blood in the Water

The sharks can smell it, you know...

Game Session 24: 4/12/13

Key Events:
Abadius 27 -

  • The officers discussed the latest events with Tessa Fairwind
    • Investigations have been inconclusive as to the leaders behind the New Years attack on Quent
    • Although Chelliax is still the obvious suspect, Tessa and others have begun to investigate other possibilities
  • After the discussion, Tessa agreed to fund a Commune with the priestess of Calistria to answer some of the recent questions
    • The commune gave some interesting information, of particular note:
      • Sandara Quinn is spying for someone working against the Shackles
      • She is not aware she is spying
      • Barnabus Harrigan does not have any currently exploitable weaknesses
  • Scrying attempts on Haneilius Fitch were successful, and showed that he appeared modest and trustworthy

Abadius 28 -

  • The newly formed fleet set sail for Ollo to find Haneilius Fitch

Abadius 30 -

  • Encountered Captain Ducane of the Westwind, Mercenary captain of the Viridian Cartel – the organization that works with the Pirate Lords to negotiate safe trade within the shackles

Abadius 31 -

  • Discovered the chum filled waters that surround the harbor near Ollo
  • Docked in Ollo, and quickly realized that this was the darker side of the Shackles
  • Met with Haneilius Fitch in the “Upper class” section of town
    • Haneilius is interested in finding an ex-associate of his named Vargus Brack on the Brine Banshee. He has the Tibia of Brack, and believes it can be used to track the Banshee via an item called the Ring of the Iron Skull. The ring currently belongs to Captain “Milksop” Morton of the Dryad’s Grave, a free captain under Pirate Lord Avimar Sorrinash.
  • After some negotiation, Fitch boarded the Storm’s Herald
    • 10% of the Plunder on the Brine Banshee, and one particular Unnamed Item from Vargus Brack
  • “Milksop” typically patrols between Ollo and The Smoker, so the fleet set sail once again

Calistril 2 -

  • The Storm’s Herald was attacked during the night by a group of Sahugain and a large Sea Drake
  • The Sahugain appeared to be targeting a specific section of the bottom hull where the Cyclopian Stela was being held
  • Towards the end of a very difficult battle, another ship approached and an unknown female voice demanded surrender
  • A few choice Geyser spells later, Captain “One Boot” and Captain “Tidewater” surrendered the Cyclopian artifact to the newly identified Isabella “Inkskin” Locke and watched her ship the Thresher sail into the night


Cidwin Cidwin

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