Sinking Ships

Episode 25 - Riddles Revealed!

It's about fucking time.

Game Session 25: 4/19/13

Key Events:
Calistril 2 -

  • After licking their wounds, the Free Captains considered their next move
  • Brook Wavestrider thought very hard for 1d6 moments, and realized that the “Legs of the Centipede” that the Cyclopian Riddle mentioned were actually a chain of islands nearby
  • Both ships set sail towards the Legs of the Centipede

Calistril 4 -

  • Near the island chain, an unnatural storm formed quickly and caught both the Storm’s Herald and Barrel Roll crews by surprise
  • During the terrible storm, a strange blue fire appeared on the mast of the Barrel Roll
  • Morgana gave the command to put it out, and one of the crew was rendered unconcious by a tendril of blue lightning coming from the flame
  • As Morgana went to engage the flame, it’s color began to change from Blue, to Green, to Yellow – and the intensity of the storm increased significantly
  • Eventually Morgana’s mind was enraptured by the creature, and she heard a strange melody played by an ancient sounding organ
    • Completely overtaken by this creature, the flame (inside Morgana’s body) returned to the deck of the Barrel Roll and began speaking in a strange tounge (later deciphered as Ancient Cyclopian)
    • The creature created a large blue ring in the air with fire, and Thomas steered the ship until it was centered
    • Once the heading was change, the creature said a few more strange words and disapeared – taking the raging storm along with it
  • Both ships continued on the new heading towards the island chain, and made anchor near a large island with jagged cliffs

Calistril 5 -

  • The next morning both crews sailed through a narrow passage in the cliffs into a strangely calm natural cove
  • The cove is a natural formation called a Blue Hole, almost 300 feet wide in a perfect circle and over 600 feet deep
    • The water near the bottom of the depths is anoxic due to poor circulation
  • Brandr, Thomas, Brook, Tragen and Targin went down to explore the depths, leaving Morgana up top to look after the ships
    • Down below, the crew swam into a large passage leading into the cove walls and were spotted by Sahugains
    • A fierce battle took place underwater, while a horn was sounded above in the cove
    • Moments later, the battle moved to the cove as Dozens of Sahugain began attacking the Barrel roll from below, and a strange vine creature was pulling people off the ships from above
  • The battle ended with some dead, many wounded, and the Barrel Roll crippled in this strange cove over a hundred miles from the nearest port


Cidwin Cidwin

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