Sinking Ships

Episode 26 - Inkskin to Inkblot

Revenge on the Hidden Island

Game Session 26: 4/26/13

Key Events:
Calistril 5-

  • Finished searching the Sahugain cave, finding that they had fled
  • Brandr ate Lacathoa younglings that were being incubated
  • Released a Lacathoa female that had been chained to the walls of the cave
  • Discovered a strange nursery that looked strangely human in a section of the cave that had air
    • Found a music box that played a 4 note tune (familiar to Cromarcky) engraved with “To my Darling Isabella, I hope that one day you can forgive me for this.”
  • During the night, the ship was attacked by a fearsome plant beast from above in the canopy
  • Witnessed a plume of smoke from across the island

Calistril 6-

  • Trekked across the island in search of the fire seen the night before
  • Locked in a monumental combat with a fearsome T-Rex (Illusion)
  • Eventually found the campfire and saw the “Thresher” – Isabella’s ship – down the cliffside
  • Followed the trail into the forest
  • Engaged Isabella and her landing party at an ancient ruins on the island
    • Zoe Feather fought along-side her, clearly under some sort of enchantment spell
    • Defeated Isabella “Inkskin” Locke after a difficult fight
  • Discovered another riddle tattooed onto “Inkskin”


Cidwin Cidwin

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