Sinking Ships

Episode 27 - Buried Treasure

Cyrus Wolfe's horde and more!

Game Session 27: 5/3/13

Key Events:
Calistril 7-

  • Solved the riddle on “Inkskin”, using the sun to reveal the location of puzzle piece
  • Entered the “Wayward Orb” of the Captain, and traversed an extremely narrow – long tunnel deep into the island
  • Discovered a hidden stone temple within the island
    • The temple had a huge door, with the carving of a man – arms upheld. The head of the man was replaced with a large spiral with a jagged rocklike object in the center.
    • The room had huge pipes that channeled into the door, and after a bit of work Brook was able to play the song from the music box (and stormfire) into the pipes – opening the door
  • Entered a huge cylindrical chamber
  • Will finish later *


Cidwin Cidwin

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