Sinking Ships

Episode 5 - Pirate School

Pirate recreation, and pirate education

The night of the Emperor was a victory for the rookie crew members in more ways than one. During the celebration party, Brook began to tell the story of the adventure. Upon reaching the part where Morgana slew the giant scorpion in one stroke, Master Scourge declared “BULLSHIT!”

Insults were thrown, the challenge was made, and the game was on. Known only as “Heave”, the pirate drinking game is exceptionally lethal when using the Wormwood Rum Rations. Sitting down on one side of the table was Master Scourge, Sam “Narwhal” Tate, Jaundiced Jape, Aretta Bansion, and Maheem. At the other side was Corvus Dreadbeak, Morgana Cromarcky, Tragen, Sandara Quinn, and an unlikely Fipps Chumlett – who was bought in by Corvus.

It was clear during the early rounds that the only way to survive this game was to cheat, and not get caught. Insults were thrown back and forth, and the final round came down to Scourge, Narwhal, Tragen, and Sandara. After a brutal round of drinking, Tragen emerged victorious, claiming the pot of gold. Although defeated, Scourge took one last twist of the knife and promoted Tragen to rigger just before stumbling up to his cabin.

The next days on the ship were difficult for everyone. Most of the crew was terribly hung-over and liberal whippings were applied at the bloody hour.

Morning brought an interesting change of pace for the Wormwood rookies. Riaris Krine, the ships Master Gunner, set out on a brutal training method she called “Boarding School”. Two teams were made of the new “recruits”, with Kipper evening them out. The entire day was spent with repeated drills of throwing grapnels and climbing rope.

Very few rules were laid out, and some more inventive methods of boarding the ship were devised, but in the end strength won out. Brandyr took first place for the day, with Corvus right behind him – as both of proved to be extremely adept at both boarding and repelling invaders. Conchobhar and Morgana took last place, which surprised no-one.


Cidwin Cidwin

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