Sinking Ships

Episode 6 - The Ruby of Katheer

Dangers in the bilges, and the first taste of Piracy

The day began as any other aboard the wormwood, and then Mr. Plugg decided that double shifts were needed to catch the Ruby of Katheer. A grueling day turned into a long night, as the crew continued their work into the dark hours. On the second shift, a strange turn of events had Corvus Dreadbeak, a rigger, signed up for Bilge duty. By the end of the shift, Dreadbeak was found in the bilges with the hanging corpses of Maheem and Jaundiced Jape. An investigation began, and immediately halted when the bird claimed their deaths, and declared they were talking mutiny. Corvus was thrown into the sweatbox for the night, and would be left to the Captain.

The following day, Captain Harrigan began his interrogation of Corvus, who stuck with the story of mutiny. His arrogance was quickly subdued when the Captain began to deal out punishments to well-meaning bystanders, and the fate of Dreadbeak would wait another day in the sweatbox.

The morning watch had Tragen sound the “Ship Ahoy!”, and the Ruby of Katheer was finally in sight. Riaris Krine geared the crew for battle, and Corvus was given a choice – to “fight” with the crew by absorbing the initial crossbow fire, or be keelhauled prior to the raid; an easy choice to be sure. Brandr Gunnarson led the assault for the wormwood rookies, and along with Tragen, Brook, Morgana, and eventually Corvus managed to capture and hold the aft deck of the Ruby. The fight was bloody and quick, and the Wormwood had captured their prey.

The celebration party began immediately, and the booty was distributed to the crew. Corvus was given a reprieve due to a well timed warning to Captain Harrigan during the battle. After the celebration died down a day or so later, the crew was gathered to the deck once again. The remaining crew of the Ruby was paraded across the deck and given the option to join, or be sold as slaves. The Captain then announced that Mr. Plugg would be taking a skeleton crew along with the Ruby of Katheer to Port Peril, where it would be sold.

Farewells were given, and the new crew of the Ruby of Katheer boarded for new adventure. The day was begun with the newly ranked Captain Plugg and First Mate Scourge explaining how life would be on the Ruby. A rousing speech to be sure.

They did not win any new friends.


Cidwin Cidwin

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