Sinking Ships

Episode 7 - Mutiny!

The rise and fall of Captain Plugg

It didn’t take long before the Wormwood was out of earshot for Captain Plugg to begin showing his true colors. He immediately began assigning roles on his new ship, promoting Master Scourge and his lackies to ranking positions.

Six new crewmembers from the Ruby of Katheer had joined the crew as well: Dungrin, Habbly ‘Stitchman’ Quarne, Hannah Coralhide, Molly, Moussa Al-Abbas, and Shivikah.

Corvus Dreadbeak was to be chained up for previous crimes, but the bold tengu did not take to that idea. He challenged Master Scourge’s leadership, and tested his skill one on one. Scourge may be a coward when the chips are down, but he showed that he was not a weakling when the odds were in his favor by quickly dropping Corvus in front of the crew. Just before the finishing blow, Morgana Cromarcky declared that she would “do anything” to save Corvus; a thought that excited Master Scourge to no end.

The bird was saved once more.

Ship roles were dealt out, and the work was difficult due to the lessened crew. At the Bloody Hour, Master Scourge brought forward only women, who clearly did not deserve the whippings they were given. Nobody raised a hand however, and the punishment was dealt.

The tension on the ship finally snapped into bloody chaos. Early into that night, the mutiny happened. Led by Brandr Gunnarson it was swift and brutal – ending in the deaths of both Master Scourge and Captain Plugg at the hands of Corvus Dreadbeak.

After the celebration and some campaigning, Brandr was declared Captain by ships vote – winning out over Corvus Dreadbeak. With Brook Wavestrider taking the first mate position, Tragen declared sailing master, Corvus master at arms, and Morgana bosun. Moussa was kept on as the Master Gunner, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop as the cook, and various mate positions were assigned.

The celebration did not last long however.

That night, in the darkest hours, a terrible squall roared across the ocean. All hands were called on deck, and a battle more brutal than any before began against Besmara herself. During the storm, the ship was sabotaged and then assaulted by strange goblinoid creatures called Grendylows. The creatures managed to disable the primary rudder, and despite their best efforts, the crew was not seasoned or organized enough to bring the ship around. The Ruby of Katheer took severe damage, losing the foremast, most of the rigging, and eventually crashing into an uncharted coral reef and breaching the hull in the bilges.

Both Sandara Quinn and Shivikah were lost at sea during the chaos, and no sign of them has been seen since. The crew find themselves shipwrecked near an uncharted island without water or supplies, with a badly damaged ship and missing crew.

Biter is on the trail, but it remains to be seen what terrors await on this island.


Cidwin Cidwin

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