"Baby, baby, baby, oooh."


Bieber is the runt of the litter even for halflings. People normally confuse halflings for human children but they seem perhaps too mature for this small lad. His most distinguishing feature is a mop a blonde hair that is constantly ridiculed by the other members of the crew.


Bieber spent most of his life in Slipcove attempting to make a living as a bard for hire at the local inns and taverns. Unfortunately for him his voice sounds something akin to a seagull choking on a fish. He has few friends and most of his family disowned him long ago. Despite this his ego hasn’t seemed to take a hit and he has unwavering faith in how awesome he is. Bieber is determined to make something of himself and signed onto the Storm’s Herald when it came into port. Luckily for him he didn’t bother to sing until they were already out at sea. Among the gamblers on the Barrel he is top pick for the first person Captain Bevel makes walk the plank.


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