a pretty boy skilled with a blade


Caspien is the handsomest man on the Storm’s Herald, and has been forced on more than one occasion to defend himself against his more bullying shipmates. He is fast with a blade and has obviously had some formal training in the arts of war, and has built a reputation as a man not to be trifled with. Still, occasionally a new crewman, or an old shipmate deep in his cups, will decide to pick on the delicate, well-mannered young man. Caspian has managed to avoid killing anyone, and seems averse to combat altogether.

The young man has a delicate, refined accent, which some claim to recognize as native to the River Kingdoms, as well as impeccable manners and an obvious cultural polish that stands out among the coarse crew of the Storm’s Herald. The ladies aboard sometimes amuse themselves concocting elaborate romances about Caspien’s origins, usually making him the dispossessed son of a king who was driven from his rightful throne by a vicious usurper.

A nasty scar across his chest has gone a long way to quieting the giggles and muttered jokes at his expense, and Caspien has become a valued and welcomed member of the crew.



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