"Excuse me, I need to go spread some Peanut Butter on this chocolate."


A dark skin halfling who is surprisingly not repulsive for being the mate of Peanut Butter. She is fiercely defensive of her husband and has put more than one sailor in his place for hurting his feelings. She can always be seen with her gauntlets on as she rarely takes the pair off. For some odd reason it looks like bronze knuckles have been welded onto the gauntlets to give her a little bit extra punching power.


Chocolate was a former slave who was rescued and released on Bag Island. She has always had something of a fat fetish and learned to brawl while defending her large often defenseless dates. She found happiness when she met Peanut Butter. His eating disorder has kept her more than satisfied and to the detriment of Peanut Butter’s health she has only made his eating habits worse. She can always be found at his side and often seen sliding him more food when she notices he has stopped eating.


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