Corvus Dreadbeak

"Mmhmm... I have two silver waiting for you."


An ambitious tengu pirate with a heart of ice and a beak that can flay men alive.


Hhhmmm, you want to know about me? I can see why, I am a fine specimen of my race and profession. So there you have it. I am a tengu and a pirate. What? More? Why so many questions? Fine I will give you answers but not to ones you were expecting. Would you like to know your greatest sin? No, no it isn’t what you might expect. You are greedy, envious, lustful, but no unfortunately your greatest sin is the most common. Weakness. How do I know? It’s in your eyes. They say a man’s eyes are the gateway to his soul. What better place to find sin? Stop? No it is to late for that now. Your weak, too weak to protect that precious bauble around your neck and too weak to save your life. No Don’t look at me like that. I am not your saviour, I can’t even save myself. Charon always gets what he is owed.

Last seen at Rickety’s Squibs, where he abandoned the crew of the Storm’s Herald along with a dozen or so other crew.

Corvus Dreadbeak

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