Cyvantris Tisserond

"I have only done as you asked Captain, it wasn't my fault you directions were unclear."


A beautiful young woman who seems at home no matter where she is.


When Cyvantris was young she made her home in Port Peril her family well off and well connected. She grew bored of life in the city and convinced her personal bodyguard Hajari to run away with her to see the world as an adventurer.

They joined up with a group of adventurers that had found a map to some ancient treasure. The leader was a handsome young paladin of Abadar. Cyvantris and the paladin fell madly in love, at least that’s what they thought at first, but slowly bit by bit they found they had conflicting opinions on what the group should do. She didn’t outright challenge him for leadership but slowly subverted even his most stalwart supporters into siding with her.

They finally found the treasure they were seeking but it was guarded by a large blue dragon. Cyvantris wanted to try and steal the treasure from the dragon but the paladin said they had to rid the land of the foul beast. To her surprise many of the group also wanted to kill the dragon, she told Hajari to hang back with her when they went to face it.

The battle was long and fierce and eventually only four combatants were left, the dragon, the paladin, Hajari and Cyvantris. The dragon seemed to be on it’s last legs but drew it’s breath in one for one last blast and aimed it at Cyvantris, at the last second the paladin knocked her out of the way and was killed. Hajari took that moment to behead the dragon.

Cyvantris took the treasure, and her dead groups gear, to Senghor and bought a ship and were quickly hired to hunt pirates in the surrounding waters. She was successful for a time until she ran afoul of the Storm’s Herald. When the tide turned against her she struck a deal to save herself and Hajari from death by becoming mercenaries.

Although Hajari met an untimely end at the hands of Vakarla and her crew of wrecker Cyvantris has had good luck on the Herald. She misses her friend but sees a lot of opportunity to be had, and has moved up th ranks quickly from being a mercenary to Master at Arms on the Herald during the Battle of the Bloody New year. Now she has moved even farther up on the newly christened Barrel Role where she is now Bosun.

Cyvantris Tisserond

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