A conflicted gnoll


The female gnoll called Djabadjaw has led a life filled with more pain and sorrow than any of her violent, short-lived kin. Years ago, she was a member of a pack of gnoll bandits raiding across northern Garun, and was as happy as any of her kind could be, at least when her belly was full, until a fateful encounter with a Pathfinder expedition changed her life forever.

The Pathfinders were returning to Sothis after a successful venture into a long-lost monastery dedicated to Sarenrae, in particular, her aspect of redemption. Although the powerful adventurers eventually managed to drive off the horde of slavering gnolls, the raiders managed to take a few camels loaded with relics when they fled.

While the gnolls were licking their wounds and picking over the little loot they had stolen, Djabadjaw got into a fight with another female over a finely-crafted golden headpiece. After a brief, and dirty, scuffle, Djabadjaw defeated her rival and claimed her trophy. When she placed the crown on her head, her entire world view suddenly changed.

Djabadjaw was immediately overcome with guilt for attacking her packmate, and shame for the underhanded tactics she had used to achieve victory. Her stomach roiled at the memory of all the sentient flesh she had consumed, often still screaming as she gnawed bones. When she stumbled to aid her fallen comrade, stumbling with nausea and nearly blind with tears, her fellows initially thought she was playing some sort of joke, but eventually even gnolls stopped laughing when she tried to convince her pack to change their evil ways and seek redemption.

The pack set upon her with kicks and bites, and Djabadjaw only managed to escape due to the arrival of vengeful Pathfinders bent on recovering their post relics. Fleeing into the desert, she cast aside her weapons, as well as the headpiece, now but a warped piece of brass.

In the years that followed, Djabadjaw roamed the wastes, hated by humans for her monstrous appearance, shunned by her own kind for her weak and merciful heart. Eventually, she made her way to the Shackles, a haven for outcasts of all sorts, not just criminals. Djabadjaw chose to sign on with “One-Boot’s” crew because rumors drifted that he was not quite as vicious and bloodthirsty as most pirate captains.

Now, she works, and watches, and waits to see what sort of man this “One-Boot” is, and ponders whether she can reveal her true character.



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