"What do your elven eyes see?"


A near sighted barbarian elf dual wielding a fierce axe and sword. He is quick to temper but controls his rage in a cold quietness. His biggest pet peeve is people assuming he has good vision because he is an elf. The crew seems to take delight at putting him in the crow’s nest and asking “what do your elven eyes see” whenever they get a chance. By mid-morning he has usually used up his barbarian rage for the day and as such isn’t as good in a fight as his imposing figure would have you believe.


Coming from a long line of savage barbarian raggers he has been shunned for his low constitution. After years upon years of pre-mature jokes about his ability to rage throughout an entire battle he sought refuge by fleeing out to sea. Unfortunately the crew of the Storm’s Herald has found new ways to torment him by constantly teasing him about his eye sight. Much to the crew’s amazement the officers of the ship haven’t caught on to the fact the rest of the crew is just reaming the poor elf and keep assigning him to the crow’s nest.


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