"A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."


This half-orc is older than any pirate has right to be. Grey of hair and beard his shoulders sloped as he goes about his tasks as a swab. He uses a quarterstaff to steady his slow gate and poke younger pirates when they get too near. His elderly demeanor disappears in combat as his shoulders straighten and he uses his quarterstaff with great efficiency screaming “get off my boat!”


Eugene spent his youth terrorizing the seas around the Shackles never staying under one captain for long. He claims to have dozens upon dozens of bastards and the way he spends his coin on women even at an elderly age leaves little on the crew who doubt him. He has spent the last ten years or so at Port Peril bar-tending at several establishment. Despite the Captain’s soft spot for pirates that make it to a ripe old age many of the crew wonder if Eugene wouldn’t have been better left in Port Peril to live out the remainder of his years.


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