Filthy Feather

"Good ship this."


A salty half-elf that knows his way around the ship. His most distinguishing feature is the bright blue glass eye he has in one of his sockets. He claims he lost his eye in a bar brawl but luckily the other man had a glass eye for the taking. His normal eye is green. He keeps to himself mostly and does his job well. Many have wondered why he doesn’t seek a loftier position on board but he seems content with his job.


A bastard of the Shackles he has spent his life at sea. Nearly as old as some of the oldest human crew members his elven blood hides his age well. No great story teller and one not to gloat he doesn’t offer up information about himself freely but if one strikes a conversation with him it is clear he has seen his fair share of ship battles. Skilled with his cutlass in battle he serves the crew well. He is respectful to the officers of the ship but doesn’t suck up to them or try and seek favor.

Filthy Feather

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