"I feel the need... The need for speed."


This relatively young halfling sports a shaggy main of dark hair and plain features. He always seems to be twitching and looking about as if he fears someone may make a grab for him any moment. The most remarkable thing about him is his speed. When battle starts Goose can outpace crew members twice his size. It is like he has spent his life constantly running away.


Goose once headed a small band of teenage thieves. They would work a port until they generated too much heat and used the property acquired to gain passage to a nearby berth. Most of his crew was murdered or put in jail over the years but he always made sure Maverick and Renegade made it out with him. On the ship he keeps the larger and meaner crew away with his quick wit. Always one for a good joke or to entertain others with his skill at juggling it is easy to be put at ease by this smiling halfling. Just don’t walk up too quickly behind him or you may spook the small lad and see him take off at a great pace.


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