Gruff "Stoneplank" Murdock

a salty-bearded dwarf


“Stoneplank” Murdock is the descendent of a long line of dwarven scalawags, drunks, and roustabouts, kicked out of the Five Kings Mountains centuries ago for being an insult to the collective reputation of the dwarven race. They took to the sea, but kept to their scurrilous ways.

“Stoneplank” is a quintessential pirate, loud, violent, and greedy, but with a strong sense of solidarity for his crew. As long as he receives regular infusions of grog, gold, and gore, he is one happy dwarf.

His prize possession is an Alkenstar pistol he won in an arm-wrestling match a few years back. He has no idea how the thing works, but he has learned that brandishing it sometimes arouses a very fearful reaction from those who know what such devices are capable off. Those who don’t, he is more than happy to bludgeon to death with it.

Gruff "Stoneplank" Murdock

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