Hannah Coralhide

"Say, do you think you could help with this?"


A beautiful half-elf woman dresses in flattering pirate clothing. She seems quite at home in the sea on on the deck of a ship. Her irises swirl with the churning tide of her coastal homeland.


Since coming aboard the Ruby of Katheer as a rigger, Hannah has found that life on the sea suits her just fine. She does not shy away from her duties on board, but seems to be distracted most of the time when spoken too and readily “accepts” help from other crew members.

After some time aboard the newly christened Storm’s Herald, Hannah has since been offered the position of Morale/Recruitment Support. Having little responsibility when not at port, she spends her days sunning herself on the deck, doing her best to improve the morale of the men on the crew.

Hannah Coralhide

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