an angry, angry man


Hetfield is a man of few words; most of those words are some variation on “AARRRRRGGGGHH!!!” Originally from Galt, he fled that war-ravaged land a step ahead of a vengeful mob, lusting to take his head for some atrocity that stood out even in the midst of constant, bloody revolution.

Like so many other villains, Hetfield eventually drifted to the Shackles, where he drifted from berth to berth, always seeking out more and more vicious captains in his search for violence. He has been somewhat disappointed in the lack of action on the Storm’s Herald, but the Chelish raid on Quent has mollified him, somewhat. Still, the tide of his rage ebbs slowly and rises quickly, and it is only a matter of time before he either jumps ship in search of a bloodier captain, or turns his wrath towards his comrades, if a more acceptable target is not found, and quickly.


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