"There is only one true aristocracy... and that is a large purse."


Jwow is a lanky halfling who dresses in finery not usually seen on the open seas. Since being out on the open water he has had a constant sunburn as if his fair skin can’t seem to adjust to the constant sun. He stumbles about the ship as it is clear he doesn’t have sea legs and his hands look like they have never seen a hard days work in his life. The only expressions one can spot are in Jwow’s eyes which fluctuate from amazement at the menial labor he is expected to do and cold determination.


Jwow spent his life in luxury as a minor aristocrat on Bag Island. His family owned a few pirate ships that while not getting great renown kept Jwow in the lifestyle that he was accustomed. Upon his parents death he was shocked to realize that they left everything to his younger brother and stated in their will that they had always thought of him as lazy ungrateful brat. His brother promptly cut him off of the family funds and he found himself penniless on the streets of Slipcove. He has vowed to regain his riches and one day return to seek vengeance on his family.


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