Lady Cerise Bloodmourne

"8.2, Meh - find me later?"


Cerise favors functional pirate’s clothes, worn with a Taldan dandy’s flair, but is just as comfortable in a courtier’s gown when the situation calls for it. Beneath such fashionable clothes, however, she still wears a simple blouse and trousers tucked into hard-heeled boots, ready to slip free of the gown and draw her rapier—an action many of her enemies fail to recognize before it’s too late and she draws their blood.


Lady Cerise Bloodmourne comes from noble stock, a member of the once-proud Vauxtiere family displaced by the Red Revolution of Galt. In 4681 ar, during the height of the chaos, her family escaped into Taldor, counting on the hospitality of friends in Cassomir to house and care for them until her pregnant mother could give birth to Cerise. When the fires of revolution failed to die down back home, the Vauxtieres stayed on in Taldor, spending what little remained of their family fortune to ingratiate themselves with the local nobility. Cerise’s father made sure she attended all the right boarding schools, hoping to shape her into a lady of breeding and grace, even in exile.

Rather than fulfill her father’s wishes by becoming the lady he’d intended, Cerise rebelled to escape the harassment of her peers, instead skipping school to spend days with various ne’er-o-wells along the docks of Cassomir. Where other debutantes learned the proper etiquette for dinner parties, ballroom dancing, and afternoon socials, Cerise took up fencing, petty theft, and carousing alongside several short-lived paramours, each one eager to sully the young noble. Of course, these actions only further scandalized her family, whom the established Taldan aristocracy already looked down upon. Cerise’s mounting indiscretions sparked numerous embarrassments for her father, leading to several heated arguments between the two, the worst of which led her to run away.

In a fit of anger after her father struck her, Cerise sought out and seduced a down-on-her-luck pirate captain named Danielle Wynnt. Without a ship or crew at the time, Wynnt fell easily to Cerise’s charms and passion. Intent on setting sail for the open sea and never returning, she convinced her to help her strike back at her family and Taldor’s elite by stealing her inheritance and commandeering a newly built galley from the naval shipyards. Together, Cerise and Danielle formed a crew from her prior accomplices on the streets of Cassomir and the pirate’s remaining contacts.

The pirates then raided her family’s estate while Cerise distracted the city guard long enough for Danielle to steal their ship. Once on the open sea, they renamed the galley the Come What May, and Cerise changed her named to Lady Bloodmourne, a reminder to herself of all her family lost, both in Galt and Taldor.

In time, Lady Bloodmourn’s adventures brought her to the Shackles. Danielle Wynnt had died in battle against the Taldan navy, leaving Cerise in sole command of the Come What May. Sensing a kindred spirit in Tessa Fairwind, Cerise joined the pirate lord’s growing fleet, capably serving the Mistress of Quent until she decided to pursue her own title. Lady Bloodmourn regards her position on the Pirate Council as a new form of “nobility”—the difference being that her name and reputation are of her own making rather than the product of a family name which means nothing to her anymore.

A notorious liar and womanizer, Lady Cerise Bloodmourne is an unpredictable tempest and upcoming force within the Shackles.

Lady Cerise Bloodmourne

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