Lavinia Vanderboren

"Hit them until the bottle breaks? That seems like an awful waste of alcohol."


A charming young noblewoman thrust with a kind heart and naive personality. Having recently been taught the finer points of barroom brawling by Morgana Cromarcky, it was found that Lavinia was a prodigy.

Having witnessed her ruthlessly efficient brawling style, Brook’s Bastards have taken her on as a sort of little sister. If anyone messes with Lavinia Vanderboren, they mess with the entire might of the Bastards.


Lavinia is a naive young girl who recently lost her parents in a terrible boating fire “accident”. Her brother Vanthus fled the city with grief after the incident, and she has been left to deal with the family debt.

She hired both the Lotus Dragon’s and the crew of the Storm’s Herald to search for her father’s signet ring on a ship called the Blue Nixie. Unfortunately, she placed her trust in the wrong people and the Lotus Dragons, along with her brother, Vanthus, abandoned her to die in her family vault. It was only the remarkable timing of the crew of the Storm’s Herald that saved her.

Now a member of crew of the Storm’s Herald, Lavinia has taken to piracy like a fish taking its first steps on land. Hopefully, under the tutelage of Brook’s Bastards, she will find her inner pirate.

Lavinia Vanderboren

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