"Just a walk in the park."


A handsome young pirate whose confidence can been seen in his swagger. His body is covered in tattoos of rolling waves. He is rarely seen with a shirt or shoes on but he never so much as sleeps without his two long curved daggers. His heritage is indiscriminate and he is a true bastard of the Shackles.


To call him reckless would be an understatement. Raised in an orphanage he is used to risking all because he has never had much to risk. He thought he would live and die a street rat until Goose and Renegade adopted him to their crew. It is obvious he learned to fight in much the same style as Morgana and is constantly moving and tumbling during a fight. Although he seems to have calmed down since he dodged out of the way of a blow only for it to hit Goose leaving a moderate scar. Some of the crew has started taking bets as to when he will fall out of the rigging trying some fool stunt to impress Tilly or Barefoot Samms.


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