Mr. Plugg

"The bloody hour is my special time with shit like you."


Bald except for a black ponytail and sporting long, narrow beard, Mr. Plugg somehow looks angry, miserable, and uncomfortable, all at the same time. Bare-chested, he wears an immaculate coat with pearl buttons and carries a cat-o’-nine-tails with him at all times. He clearly takes great pride in himself—everything about him shines, from the polish on his boots to the dome of his head. His teeth are gray and yellow, however, and his face is fixed in an almost constant grimace.



  • If Scourge is a bastard, then Mr. Plugg is his mother and father. One piece of advice—do as he says.
  • First mate? He’s barely been on board a year! The apple of the captain’s eye, that one. Harrigan treats him like a son—but not a legitimate one, of course.
  • That cutlass of his is magical, see, no doubt about that, and he wields that cat like it was his own arm. I’ve seen him using both in combat. Despite his pettish looks, he’s some fighter by all accounts.
  • People who cross Plugg end up dead—stabbed, poisoned, throttled, thrown overboard. Take your pick, they always end up dead. He has friends everywhere, high and low.

Mr. Plugg is an angry young man. He’s always furious about something, but somehow his rage simmers like a stew, and even when he loses his temper he quickly seems to gain control again. A sadist and bully, Plugg has had a hard, desperate life—few places are more dangerous to grow up than the dockside streets of the Shackles. Only 21 years of age, the memories and scars of Plugg’s formative years are very fresh, and now he intends to have his revenge.

Plugg is also incredibly ambitious—he intends to captain his own ship someday, and he joined the crew of the Wormwood purely for his own ends. Thanks to his ruthless devotion to Captain Harrigan’s orders, his rise has been meteoric. In just 11 months aboard the Wormwood, he has wormed, blackmailed, and murdered his way to the position of first mate, in truth a job well beyond his abilities. He masks his own inadequacies by pointing out those of others.

Everyone on board the Wormwood knows that the first mate is the captain’s right hand when it comes to dealing with the ship’s crew, but Harrigan’s other officers form a close inner circle that Plugg can’t seem to penetrate, a fact that vexes him to no end. Nevertheless, Harrigan is sure to punish anyone who attacks Plugg, a fact that every member of the crew is acutely aware of.

To Mr. Plugg, honor, friendship, and teamwork are alien concepts. He believes that discipline is the only thing that matters at sea, and that the constant threat of ruthless punishment is the only thing that can keep a crew of cutthroats and scoundrels in line. He strikes first, and asks questions later. Plugg is not a forgiving man, and if someone does get the better of him, Plugg takes time to plot his revenge in the cruelest way he can think of.

Mr. Plugg met his end on the Ruby of Katheer during the mutiny.

Mr. Plugg

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