A weird dude


Murderface (he actually gives his name as “He Who Gazes Upon the Faces of Those Dead and Those Yet to Be,” but his Mwangi dialect is so unusual that Brook Wavestrider mistranslated it as “Murderface,” and the moniker stuck) is a half-breed Shoanti who claims to be a vessel for the “Spirits of Wendo.” From the little he has shared about his own past, it seems that he spent some time lost in the depths of the Mwangi Expanse after a logging expedition he had joined was decimated by disease, and was nursed back to health by a native tribe. During his weeks of fevered wandering, he saw visions, spoke to spirits, and generally lost his shit.

The small tribe of Mwangi natives initially planned to eat him (as they were all devout followers of a cannibalistic cult of ancestor worship), but his ramblings convinced them that he was a spirit-talker and therefore sacred, so they took him in. After months of constant indoctrination, along with massive consumption of an hallucinogenic beverage used to open the mind to the spirits, Murderface became convinced that he was a vessel for the dead, and settled into his role as village shaman, marked by the sacred tattoos of death and life.

All went well for a decade or more, until a tribe of Bandu warriors attacked, slaughtered the hunters, and sold the rest, including Murderface, into slavery. With his twitches, mumbling, and unnerving stare, Murderface fetched a very low price, and when he wandered off from his work in the fields one day, his owner never bothered to look for him. Eventually, he found himself aboard the Storm’s Herald, a vessel that has a very low threshold for the quality of its crew.

Murderface fits in fairly well with his crewmates, who take his whispers and odd stares in stride as long as he completes his tasks. The fact that he cut out and ate an enemy’s heart during his first shipboard skirmish went a long way toward cementing his reputation as a valued, if eccentric, member of the crew.


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