Old Margaret, or Maggie the Temptress

"Toil and grow rich, what's that but to lie with a foul witch?"


Old Maggie’s great beauty has been laid bare by the ravages of time. Though now in her golden years one can easily see past her wrinkles and tanned skin to the beauty that was once there. But don’t be fooled by her grandmotherly demeanor many a sailor has awoken to find himself naked in her bed. The last thing they remember is looking into her eyes and being bewitched by the life and passion he saw within the sea blue depths he witnessed within.


Maggie was once renowned as a beauty throughout the Shackles. She amassed great wealth by gracing handsome free captains with her presence. It was rumored that her mother was a sea hag but once a man saw her those rumors meant little in comparison to the lust that stirred. Retired and finding her looks no longer brings her the lifestyle she is accustomed too she has found her way onto the Storm’s Herald.

Old Margaret, or Maggie the Temptress

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