Peanut Butter

"Peanut butter glazed flounder, just like mama used to make."


Peanut Butter is a rotund halfling who always seems to be eating. His favored weapons are a reinforced steel fork and spoon that can usually be seen hanging from his belt. His name sake isn’t a coincidence as the aroma of peanut butter can be smelled whenever his porklyness is present.


Raised by his mother who was a cook for a minor free captain Peanut Butter was named after his mother’s favorite ingredient. She had found herself on a ship where the pirates had worse than usual teeth even for pirates and was finding it hard to get her crew the protein they required for a good days worth of pillaging and raping. Unfortunately he enjoyed his mother’s cooking a little too much and has been obese since he was a child. While Captain Bevel’s assumption that this portly halfling could cook was a wild guess on his part, Peanut Butter is well suited to the task. Peanut Butter agreed to the job as long as his extra officer’s share could be all the food he could eat in the galley.

Peanut Butter

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