Red-Tusk Rudith

a surly, violent hobgoblin pirate


“Red-Tusk” has drifted around the Shackles for years, serving on one pirate ship after another, usually leaving a ship’s company shortly before a body is found in the bilges. He tends to keep to himself, muttering in Goblin about the various wrongs other crew-members have perpetrated against him.

Originally from a tribe of desert raiders who plagued the wastelands of Rahadoum, “Red-Tusk” was eventually captured after a major engagement with the Pure Legion, and sold into slavery. With his violent temperament and surly demeanor, the hobgoblin was sold by owner after owner, proving ill-fit for mining, agriculture, road work, or even carrying bundles. He ended up on a merchant vessel, chained in the bilge, where he stayed for years until pirates attacked.

During the fracas, “Red-Tusk” managed to free himself, and, oblivious to the skirmishing on deck, stalked and killed both the captain and the bosun, both of whom he blamed for his vile circumstances. Impressed, the pirate captain invited Rudith to join his crew. He fit right in to the raucous life of a pirate, but his increasing irritability and paranoia led “Red-Tusk” to murder the ship’s carpenter over a dispute about the length of his hammock.

Slipping ashore, the hobgoblin made his way to Beachcomber, where he eventually found another berth, during which he committed another murder, which led to him jumping ship again, and so on, until he eventually signed on to the Storm’s Herald. Now, he lurks and mutters, constantly sharpening his hooked knife as he enumerates the crimes others have committed against him.

Red-Tusk Rudith

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