"Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength."


It is hard to miss Renegade. This tall albino elf has long hair and shockingly red eyes. His unusual features pale in comparison to his grace and beauty. He uses a rapier in combat and to say he is agile would be an understatement. He doesn’t so much dodge out of the way of a blow as he flows with it like a feather in a gentle breeze.


Renegade was the look out for Goose’s operations over the years. You would think such a distinct looking elf would draw attention and be the last person you want with you while committing a crime but they found people would be too busy talking about Renegade and miss the fact they had been robbed till several hours later. He has a natural ease with women and is known to recite poetry and buy fine wine any that approach him at a tavern. Although rumors abound because none of the crew have seen him ever leave the bar with any of the beauties that attempt to gain his favor. Red Tusk tried to ask him about it once and left in a hurry shortly after. No one is sure what occurred save that Red Tusk will not so much as gaze in Renegade’s direction.


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