Ringo is a salty looking pirate with red hair and beard. He usually has a smile on his face but no one knows what he finds so amusing, he is a mute.


Ringo has been mute since birth and has a private giggle at all the stories he hears made up about why he can’t talk. He has been on a ship since he was a lad as his first captain liked the idea of a cabin boy that couldn’t talk. Since joining the Storm’s Herald and now the Barrel he has come to truly hate his disability. Well not so much the fact he can’t talk as he came to terms with that long ago but he despises one pirate above all others, Corvus Dreadbeak. “You can’t have a mutiny without a mute.” Oh how he hates that line. He hears it in his sleep. It is the first thing any of the crew says to him in the morning and the last thing that is said to him at night. He is convinced the first mate is in on it too. Prancing around with “his” feather in her hat. Perhaps they are right, you can’t have a mutiny without a mute.


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