Seamus Newman

You call that a story? Let me tell you a REAL story...


Though Brook Wavestrider has made many enemies in his time sailing the Shackles, Seamus Newman is a man who has earned the halfling’s eternal enmity.

An old salt, Seamus is a wealth of knowledge about the numerous rumors and stories that plague the dockside inns and taverns of the Shackles. Many a young upstart have listened in rapt fascination to his tales, each hoping to catch some clue that will set them on a course for treasure and glory. Sadly, Seamus suffers from a chronic string of poor luck, and each encounter with the dangers of the Shackles has cost him a part of himself, literally. A hook hand and two false legs are the most apparent injuries, but he is found of throwing off his cloak to show a particularly gruesome wound right at the climax of his stories, which all seem to end with him making a swift, but outrageous exit.


Not much is known about the origin of the rivalry between Brook Wavestrider and Seamus Newman. When questioned, Mr. Wavestrider had this to say:

“Rivalry!? Hah! That hack isn’t fit to tell time, let alone a good story. Look, just because you’re old as the Eye of Abendego itself and possibly even witnessed the Fall of the Runelords doesn’t mean people want to hear about it. Besides, you’ve seen him. The man’s addled. Watch him as he spins his web of failure. Spittle leaps from his mouth as he gets himself worked up. If he wasn’t missing so many body parts, I’d swear he was part troll! Now, did I ever tell you about the time we slew the Grindowlow Queen?” Brook looks around nervously before beginning his tale. “No? Well you see, we had just finished Pulling the Plugg when…”

Seamus Newman

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