Barrel's Crew Roster


Captain/Master Gunner: Free Captain Thomas Bevel Lord of Tidewater Rock
First Mate/Sailing Master: Morgana Cromarcky

# Name Race Sex Role Injuries
1 Cyvantris Tisserond Half Elf Female Bosun None
2 Majumbo Half-Gaint Male Master at Arms None
3 Jack Scrimshaw Human Male Quartermaster None
4 Aria Tiefling Female Ship’s Surgeon None
5 Wacky Walter the Pugilist Human Male Quartermaster’s Mate None
6 Badger Medlar Half Elf Female Gunner’s Mate Minor/Major Scar
7 Peanut Butter Halfling Male Cook None
8 Chocolate Halfling Female Cook’s Mate None
9 Ratline Rattsberger Halfling Male Rigger Multiple Fingers
10 Samms Toppin Human Female Rigger Leg
11 Tilly Bracket Human Female Rigger None
12 Filthy Feather Human Male Rigger Eye
13 Goose Halfing Male Rigger Moderate Scar
14 Renegade Elf Male Rigger None
15 Red-Tusk Rudith Hobgoblin Male Swab Minor Scar
16 Murderface Human Male Swab Major, Minor, Finger, Finger, Impressive Wound
17 Old Margaret, or Maggie the Temptress Gnome Female Swab None
18 Lydia Human Female Swab None
19 Ringo Human Male Swab None
20 Bieber Halfling Male Swab Minor Scar
21 Eugene Half Orc Male Swab None
22 Sona Dwarf Female Swab None
23 Naereth Half Elf Female Rigger None
24 Jerrald Human Male Rigger None
25 Trymon Human Male Swab None
26 Cohen Human Male Swab None
27 Shiny Human Female Swab None
28 Dante The Inferno Elf Male Swab None

The Deceased

Name Race Sex Last Position Held How/Where
Arziki Duegar Male Rigger Water Drake/ Isabella Locke steals artifact
Jwow Halfling Male Swab Water Drake/ Isabella Locke steals artifact
The Situation Halfling Male Cabin Boy Water Drake/ Isabella Locke steals artifact
Snooki Halfling Female Cabin Girl Lost at Sea/Storm
Maverick Human Male Rigger Lost at Sea/Storm
Broadman Human Male Swab Blue Ring Island/Vine

Barrel's Crew Roster

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