Brandr's Trophies


Jewelry and Ornaments

Sea lion Tooth Necklace: made from the teeth of the sea lion Brandr slew as part of his coming-of-age ceremony; stolen by Mr. Plugg and recovered after his death; each tooth is intricately carved with a mix of Skald runes and Mwangi script describing the boy’s battle against the sea lion kingLion jaw necklace by naturepunk d3dc1gp

Gold Hobgoblin Tusk Necklace: this gold tooth once belonged to the Free Captain Gortus Svard, a hobgoblin who thought he could push Brandr around and paid for it with his headGoldtree tooth 2


Left Shoulder: a large depiction in black, blue and white, of a rocky coast battered by icy waves, with seals and orcas swimming and leaping; a reminder of Brandr’s roots in Broken BayOrca tattoo design by freedom sparrow3

Right Forearm: 3 small stylized sailing ships, and 1 small broken stylized sailing ship (1 pending), symbolizing the worthy vessels captured or sunk under Brandr’s commandTribal sailing ship by erotic sighShip and kraken by kirsty suzanne

Right Flank: a green fanged maw, with shattered teeth, celebrating Brandr’s victory over the hobgoblin Free Captain Gortus SvardOerba yun fang  s tattoo by tsuki no kuroi

Left Calf: the tower at Tidewater Rock Tower of sanity tattoo by wolfgangmustdie

Full Back: The skull-and-bones insignia of the Storm’s Herald, celebrating his elevation to Free Captain

Left Buttock: Lord Thomas Bevel, cowering in terror

Right Buttock: Tsadok Goldtooth, cowering in terror

Brandr's Trophies

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