The Barrel Roll


AC:24 Touch AC:2 Hardness:7

HP:900 Toughness: 21 , Sails:8
With Morgana Piloting


Max Speed:90 Acceleration:30

Saves: +17 Initiative: +8

CMB: +30 CMD:40

Ramming Damage: 10d8 (+20)

6 Light Ballista. 3 on port 3 on starboard.
3d8 19–20/×2 120 ft. P 1 0


1. Broad Rudder (+1 to Profession Sailor Checks)
2. Ram (Increases damage by 2d8 and ship takes no damage from first square)
3. Sturdy Hull
4. Siege Weapon Training

Crew 10
Decks 2
Cargo/Passengers 100 tons/100 passengers

Captain/Master Gunner: Free Captain Thomas Bevel Lord of Tidewater Rock
First Mate/Sailing Master: Morgana Cromarcky
Quartermaster: Jack Scrimshaw
Bosun: Cyvantris Tisserond
Master at Arms: Majumbo
Ship’s Surgeon: Aria
Cook: Peanut Butter

The Barrel Roll

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