Sinking Ships

Episode 27 - Buried Treasure
Cyrus Wolfe's horde and more!

Game Session 27: 5/3/13

Key Events:
Calistril 7-

  • Solved the riddle on “Inkskin”, using the sun to reveal the location of puzzle piece
  • Entered the “Wayward Orb” of the Captain, and traversed an extremely narrow – long tunnel deep into the island
  • Discovered a hidden stone temple within the island
    • The temple had a huge door, with the carving of a man – arms upheld. The head of the man was replaced with a large spiral with a jagged rocklike object in the center.
    • The room had huge pipes that channeled into the door, and after a bit of work Brook was able to play the song from the music box (and stormfire) into the pipes – opening the door
  • Entered a huge cylindrical chamber
  • Will finish later *
Episode 26 - Inkskin to Inkblot
Revenge on the Hidden Island

Game Session 26: 4/26/13

Key Events:
Calistril 5-

  • Finished searching the Sahugain cave, finding that they had fled
  • Brandr ate Lacathoa younglings that were being incubated
  • Released a Lacathoa female that had been chained to the walls of the cave
  • Discovered a strange nursery that looked strangely human in a section of the cave that had air
    • Found a music box that played a 4 note tune (familiar to Cromarcky) engraved with “To my Darling Isabella, I hope that one day you can forgive me for this.”
  • During the night, the ship was attacked by a fearsome plant beast from above in the canopy
  • Witnessed a plume of smoke from across the island

Calistril 6-

  • Trekked across the island in search of the fire seen the night before
  • Locked in a monumental combat with a fearsome T-Rex (Illusion)
  • Eventually found the campfire and saw the “Thresher” – Isabella’s ship – down the cliffside
  • Followed the trail into the forest
  • Engaged Isabella and her landing party at an ancient ruins on the island
    • Zoe Feather fought along-side her, clearly under some sort of enchantment spell
    • Defeated Isabella “Inkskin” Locke after a difficult fight
  • Discovered another riddle tattooed onto “Inkskin”
Episode 25 - Riddles Revealed!
It's about fucking time.

Game Session 25: 4/19/13

Key Events:
Calistril 2 -

  • After licking their wounds, the Free Captains considered their next move
  • Brook Wavestrider thought very hard for 1d6 moments, and realized that the “Legs of the Centipede” that the Cyclopian Riddle mentioned were actually a chain of islands nearby
  • Both ships set sail towards the Legs of the Centipede

Calistril 4 -

  • Near the island chain, an unnatural storm formed quickly and caught both the Storm’s Herald and Barrel Roll crews by surprise
  • During the terrible storm, a strange blue fire appeared on the mast of the Barrel Roll
  • Morgana gave the command to put it out, and one of the crew was rendered unconcious by a tendril of blue lightning coming from the flame
  • As Morgana went to engage the flame, it’s color began to change from Blue, to Green, to Yellow – and the intensity of the storm increased significantly
  • Eventually Morgana’s mind was enraptured by the creature, and she heard a strange melody played by an ancient sounding organ
    • Completely overtaken by this creature, the flame (inside Morgana’s body) returned to the deck of the Barrel Roll and began speaking in a strange tounge (later deciphered as Ancient Cyclopian)
    • The creature created a large blue ring in the air with fire, and Thomas steered the ship until it was centered
    • Once the heading was change, the creature said a few more strange words and disapeared – taking the raging storm along with it
  • Both ships continued on the new heading towards the island chain, and made anchor near a large island with jagged cliffs

Calistril 5 -

  • The next morning both crews sailed through a narrow passage in the cliffs into a strangely calm natural cove
  • The cove is a natural formation called a Blue Hole, almost 300 feet wide in a perfect circle and over 600 feet deep
    • The water near the bottom of the depths is anoxic due to poor circulation
  • Brandr, Thomas, Brook, Tragen and Targin went down to explore the depths, leaving Morgana up top to look after the ships
    • Down below, the crew swam into a large passage leading into the cove walls and were spotted by Sahugains
    • A fierce battle took place underwater, while a horn was sounded above in the cove
    • Moments later, the battle moved to the cove as Dozens of Sahugain began attacking the Barrel roll from below, and a strange vine creature was pulling people off the ships from above
  • The battle ended with some dead, many wounded, and the Barrel Roll crippled in this strange cove over a hundred miles from the nearest port
Episode 24 - Blood in the Water
The sharks can smell it, you know...

Game Session 24: 4/12/13

Key Events:
Abadius 27 -

  • The officers discussed the latest events with Tessa Fairwind
    • Investigations have been inconclusive as to the leaders behind the New Years attack on Quent
    • Although Chelliax is still the obvious suspect, Tessa and others have begun to investigate other possibilities
  • After the discussion, Tessa agreed to fund a Commune with the priestess of Calistria to answer some of the recent questions
    • The commune gave some interesting information, of particular note:
      • Sandara Quinn is spying for someone working against the Shackles
      • She is not aware she is spying
      • Barnabus Harrigan does not have any currently exploitable weaknesses
  • Scrying attempts on Haneilius Fitch were successful, and showed that he appeared modest and trustworthy

Abadius 28 -

  • The newly formed fleet set sail for Ollo to find Haneilius Fitch

Abadius 30 -

  • Encountered Captain Ducane of the Westwind, Mercenary captain of the Viridian Cartel – the organization that works with the Pirate Lords to negotiate safe trade within the shackles

Abadius 31 -

  • Discovered the chum filled waters that surround the harbor near Ollo
  • Docked in Ollo, and quickly realized that this was the darker side of the Shackles
  • Met with Haneilius Fitch in the “Upper class” section of town
    • Haneilius is interested in finding an ex-associate of his named Vargus Brack on the Brine Banshee. He has the Tibia of Brack, and believes it can be used to track the Banshee via an item called the Ring of the Iron Skull. The ring currently belongs to Captain “Milksop” Morton of the Dryad’s Grave, a free captain under Pirate Lord Avimar Sorrinash.
  • After some negotiation, Fitch boarded the Storm’s Herald
    • 10% of the Plunder on the Brine Banshee, and one particular Unnamed Item from Vargus Brack
  • “Milksop” typically patrols between Ollo and The Smoker, so the fleet set sail once again

Calistril 2 -

  • The Storm’s Herald was attacked during the night by a group of Sahugain and a large Sea Drake
  • The Sahugain appeared to be targeting a specific section of the bottom hull where the Cyclopian Stela was being held
  • Towards the end of a very difficult battle, another ship approached and an unknown female voice demanded surrender
  • A few choice Geyser spells later, Captain “One Boot” and Captain “Tidewater” surrendered the Cyclopian artifact to the newly identified Isabella “Inkskin” Locke and watched her ship the Thresher sail into the night
Episode 23 - Free Captains
Matching Titles (and Ink)

Game Session 23: 3/29/13

Key Events:
Abadius 11

  • The crew finished meeting with Pierce and gathered their wits for the coming evening
  • Officers of the Herald met with Tsadok Goldtooth that night at his ship the Dirty Dubloon
  • A fierce game of gambling took place, with ever increasing stakes
  • By the end, only Thomas, Brandr, and Tsadok remained in play – the bet involved a detailed string of events including tattoo’s of the other players and naked laps around the ship
  • Tsadok Goldtooth never loses
  • Brandr and Thomas kept their word, and were inked in the ass as many would-be free captains before them
  • Much celebration was had that night, and Brook took advantage of the crowd by telling all the best stories about the Storm’s Herald and her crew

Abadius 12

  • The crew of the Storm’s Herald woke up in the bar with dizzy headaches from the previous night, but spent the day recovering
  • At the decided hour, the officers of the Storms Herald approached the Northern pier of Port Peril and were ferried across to Fort Hazard by Tsadok Goldtooth
  • The Hurricane King’s feast had already begun, and the crew took seats at a table near Tsadok’s crew
  • Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King introduced himself – and demanded stories from the would-be free captains Brandr and Thomas (!?!)
  • Both men impressed the Lords of the Shackles, and were named Free Captains
  • Later that evening, Kerdak made his first request of the new Captains – to bring him information on what makes the Brine Banshee such a fast ship

Abadius 13-26

  • The crew of the Storm’s Herald made a whirlwind trip around the Eastern Shackles, selling spare ships, making repairs, restocking Tidewater Rock, and gathering new crewmembers

Abadius 26

  • Free Captain Thomas Bevel, Lord of Tidewater christened his newly upgraded ship the Barrel Roll
Episode 22 - Full Circle
Port Peril at last!

Game Session 22: 3/15/13

Key Events:
Abadius 6

  • Brook joins the Mystic Redoubt in Port Peril as a member
  • Most of the crew spends the evening enjoying the sites of the pirate haven

Abadius 7-8

  • Sightseeing and recruiting in Port Peril

Abadius 9

  • Tired of waiting, Brandr expedites the Quarantine of the Storm’s Herald
  • The Boarding Pike of Repelling and a horde of plunder is sent to Fort Hazard as Tribute to the Hurricane King to request audience

Abadius 10

  • Sailed the Storm’s Herald across to the Merchant Marina
  • Returned to the Formidibly Maid to spend the evening drinking
  • The crew encountered an interesting man, Free Captain Pierce Jerell of the “Salty Flagon”
    • A Bar fight broke out between the crew of the Storm’s Herald and the patrons of the Maid
    • Pierce jumped into the fight immediately, enjoying the back and forth banter (but not the flying tables)
    • Eventually yielding, Pierce assures the crew that it was all in good fun and buys drinks for the remainder of the evening
  • A Homunculus appears later that night, requesting that Captain One Boot appear at the Promontory (AKA Dagon’s Dick) at Dawn by request of Tsadok Goldtooth, first mate of the Filthy Lucre
    • Pierce informs the crew that the Promontory is used for duels, and that Tsadok never loses
    • The Promontory is scouted that night

Abadius 11

  • Dawn at the Dick reveals that Tsadok and crew are waiting eagerly
    • Tsadok is the gatekeeper for entrance into the Hurricane King’s audience
    • He informs the crew that two pirates have requested audience this week, and since “His Saltiness” is a busy man, they will fight to the death for the honor
  • A scrawny man pushes through the crowd and introduces himself as Douglas Smith, the other challenger
    • Brandr and Douglas square off, and a magically infused battle begins
    • During the fight, Brandr and crew recognize the fighting style as none other than Pierce Jerell
    • In an impressive victory, Brandr flings the body of “Douglas” off the Promontory into the tides below
    • Tsadok informs them that they will have their audience, but tonight they dine with him aboard his ship the “Dirty Doubloon”
  • The crew meets Pierce Jerell for lunch later in the day, where he is found to be alive and well
    • Pierce reveals that he is working with Tessa Fairwind, and that although the lies were necessary, he’s glad to have more strong allies
Episode 21 - Regrouping
Brook the ladies man

Game Session 21: 3/8/13

Key Events:
Abadius 1

  • Discussed future business opportunities with Tessa Fairwind
    • Tessa is looking for powerful allies within the Pirate world, specifically free captains
    • She has offered to help in getting an audience with the Hurricane King as long as her involvement stays secret
    • In return, she wants insider information about Chellish activity within the Shackles
    • Tessa informs that Brook Wavestrider is being held somewhere near Devil’s Arches
  • Scrying on Brook reveals that he is being held (read: tortured) by Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone
  • Set sail for Devil’s Arches

Abadius 3

  • Continued scrying attempts on Brook reveal that he is giving up information to Conchobhar
  • Morgana receives word from Corvus Dreadbeak that Brook has been taken to Mezdrubal, and that they are now considered “Even”

Abadius 4

  • Brook breaks out of captivity, killing Conchobhar and becoming allies with Targin Tshamek
    • Once finally out of the strange holding cell, Brook discovers Sandara Quinn also locked up and beaten
    • Brook, Sanara, and Targin free themselves and release Targin’s gang, now known as “Brook’s Bastards”
  • The dockmaster in Mezdrubal recognizes Conchobhar’s description, and sends the group downshore
  • The team begins breaking into a chellish hideout and discovers that Hannah Coralhide has beaten them there, and become a lot more powerful
    • During the confrontation, the crew finds Brook and company mid-escape
    • Morgana once again hears Tipzin in her head
  • During the battle Hannah attacks Sandara with new-found power, claiming that she is not what she seems
    • Brook manages to calm Hannah, but the trap laid by Tipzin engulfs them all
    • Hannah is destroyed in the blast, along with any evidence of what has happened
  • After recovering, the crew of the Storm’s Herald heads for Port Peril

Abadius 6

  • The Storm’s Herald docks in Port Peril at the Crescent Island, where the ship is put into Quarantine for inspection
Episode 20 - Happy New Years
A Night to Remember - Well, Mostly...

Game Session 20: 2/15/13

Key Events:
Abadius 1

  • Thomas, Morgana, Tessa, Cerise, and Barnabas teleport to the docks ahead of everyone else
    • Ships are beginning to set up bombardment
    • Two ships slam into the docks and Chellish soldiers pour out
    • Tessa Fairwind flies towards her ship, leaving Cerise in charge
    • Cerise, Thomas, and Morgana hold off one ship while Barnabas takes the second alone
    • Morgana snoops around one of the ships and discovers a strange black room with endless soldiers exiting
  • Tragen flies to the Storm’s Herald
    • Uses Cyvantris to press-gang crew
    • Tragen guides the merchant fleet through the blockade
    • Teams up with the Luck of the Draw (Tessa’s Sloop) to trash the blockade
    • Tragen is given command of the fleet in the harbor and told to wait for the signal to attack
  • Brandr reaches the dock just as the retreat is called
    • Pegsworthy, Sandara, and Moussa are missing – but Rosie is found severely wounded and in a state of shock
    • The city regroups in the center of town, and is Rallied by Tessa Fairwind
    • The crew of the Storm’s Herald is selected to lead the vanguard, and forces their way past chellish soldiers and other strange creatures to reach the docks once again
  • Tessa begins an aerial spellduel with an unknown snake-woman over the docks
    • Tragen distracts the bombarding ships by leading the Quent Fleet + Merchant ships into battle
    • The crew discovers that Barnabas Harrigan never retreated, and find him standing on a pile of Chellish corpses at the docks
    • Brandr, Morgana, Thomas, Cerise, and Barnabas engage a T-Rex and strange bird-creature on the docks in a deadly battle
    • The snake-woman is forced to retreat
    • The combat at the docks ends, but Barnabas quickly turns to Thomas and calls him out
    • Brandr steps up, rallying dozens of crew from other ships against Barnabas Harrigan
    • In an unexplained showing of power, Harrigan unleashes a wave of evil malice – causing everyone to flee in terror while he rips his blade through Captain “One Boot”
    • Peppery Longfarthing is heard saying “You’re time is almost up” just before retreating with Harrigan
  • Brook is led further into the city by Hannah – who is very silent about the current situation
    • Eventually they enter “Fat Jessup’s” tavern

The rest of Brook’s Memory is Blank – and everything else is unknown to the party

  • Hannah reveals that someone who boarded the wormwood in Port Peril is a traitor to the Shackles, and her mission is to find out who
    • Brook and Hannah discover Corvus Dreadbeak at the tavern
    • Corvus has somehow reanimated Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge
    • Conchobar Shortstone enters the tavern, but leaves promptly after seeing Corvus
    • Brook, Hannah, and Corvus give chase
    • Hannah breaks off chase and distracts Corvus
    • Brook charms Conchobar, but is led into a dark alley where he discovers Sandara Quinn standing over the bodies of Moussa and Pegsworthy
    • Brook is promptly paralyzed with magic by an unknown voice, and knocked unconscious
  • Besmara’s Treasures
    • Gogo, Flavious the Taster, E-Roe, Terin, Squints, Adam, Sparkles, Diter, Tokey

Happy New Years

Episode 19 - Grim Tides
Old rivals begin to surface - The New Year approaches

Game Session 19: 2/8/13

Key Events:
Kuthona 14

  • Ambushed at night by a seemingly abandoned ship named the Darkbow
  • Defeated the endless waves of skeletons, strange undead women, and a necromancer on the Darkbow
  • Heard the necromancer calling out “That’s her, his wench! She’s wearing his feather. Make sure to keep her intact, she’ll give us his location – dead pirates don’t lie.”
  • Headed to Slipcove with the damaged Darkbow in tow
  • Besmara’s Treasures
    • Hajari, Jone, Ebony Topalopafin, Iceman

Kuthona 16

  • Landed in Slipcove
  • Paid the 500g tribute to the Halflings of Bag Island for docking permission
  • Hung out in Slipcove, raising reputation and selling Plunder
  • Watched as Chomarcky quickly deteriorated from the Quest spell that was not being actively worked

Kuthona 22

  • Sold the Darkbow in Slipcove for a large amount of Honey Mead
  • Headed to Quent

Kuthona 23

  • Landed in Quent
  • Chomarcky recovers
  • Returned the Golden Vespal to the House of Stolen Kisses
  • Hung out in Quent, raising reputation and gathering information

Kuthona 26

  • Gathered information about the Brine Banshee
    • A retired ship’s doctor in Ollo named Haneilius Fitch claims to have a means to locate the Brine Banshee, but is looking for someone to bankroll his expedition.

Kuthona 27

  • Successfully scryed on Corvus Dreadbeak

Kuthona 29

  • Learned about Free Captain Corvus Dreadbeak and his successful mutiny against Barnabus Harrigan
  • Failed scrying attempt on Vanthus Vanderboren

Kuthona 30

Episode 18 - Recovering the Vespal
Ships, Secrets, and Sex

Game Session 18: 2/3/13

Key Events:
Kuthona 5

  • Continued hanging out in Quent
  • Brandyr visited the lavish house of Lady Cerise Bloodmourne, Pirate Lord and second in command to Tessa Fairwind, but was added to a lengthy list of suitors and sent packing by her crew
  • Learned that Lady Cerise Bloodmourne is an extremely talented liar, and a notorious womanizer
  • Met with Lady Cerise Bloodmourne at The Barnacle tavern, with Chomarcky posing as Lavinia Vanderboren
  • Immediately after the introduction of “Lady Vanderboren”, Cerise flipped the table and led dashed across the nearby rooftops – screaming that she wasn’t going to pay and eventually being convinced that she was drugged
  • Chomarcky was rendered unconcious by a trap pillar felled by Brandyr, and Cerise negotiated a night with the Bosun for sparing her life

Kuthona 7

  • Left Quent headed for Beachcomber on Bag Island in search of information about the “Lady’s Sting”

Kuthona 10

  • Landed in Beachcomber
  • Sighted a strange darkly colored ship named the “Darkbow” docked in Beachcomber
  • Found information about a rumored temple of Norgorber somewhere in the Lurker District
  • Met with a masked halfling named “Slip” in an abandoned warehouse he called the Temple of the Hidden Name; and traded the Vanderboren debt for information about the location of the Lady’s Sting – captured by a group of wreckers following a wizard named Vakarla south of the Rampore Isles
    Quest Details:
  • “Slip” is looking for the secrets behind the supernatural speed of a ship named the Brine Banshee
    • The Brine Banshee is a famous ship that disappeared a few months back after leaving port west of Ollo
    • It stopped in Quent prior to visiting Ollo

Kuthona 13

  • Found a strange ship sailing near the Rampore Isles named the “Shining Star”
  • Determined that the reef was covered in powerful illusions too late, and the Storm’s Herald was trapped
  • Fought a battle against Vakarla and her wrecker crews
    • Besmara’s Treasures: Hajari
  • Vakarla escaped, but was chased to her stronghold on a nearby shore
  • The Golden Vespal was recovered, along with other treasures

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