Sinking Ships

Episode 14 - The Vanderboren Vault
Taunting the Devil, and the fate of Lady Vanderboren

The boarding party from the Storm’s Herald decided to get a closer look at the Large Assets. Sending Cromarcky in to scout, she determined that it was lightly guarded by a few Chellish marines. Easily sneaking aboard, Cromarcky was able to steal a piece of the Large Assets for later use tracking the ship.

One half of the task down, the crew decided to try a similar plan on the Dominator. Loading Cromarcky up with some magic, she swam through the air to the mast of the Dominator. After a brief conversation with an unseen character calling itself “Tipzin”, Cromarcky snatched a piece of the mast and dove through the air – gracefully flopping into the water with an enormous splash. The crew of the massive Chellish ship sprung into action, and search lights magically appeared off the bows. With a burst of speed, and a bit of luck, Cromarcky was able to flee the scene – and the crew of the Storm’s Herald escaped safely. After that display, it was decided that ditching the piece of the Dominator was the best course of action.

After a few days sailing, the Blue Nixie and Storm’s Herald landed in Bloodcove once again. Captain “One Boot” met up with the Casino owner Shaduk about potentially selling the Nixie. The meeting went off without a hitch, and Shaduk agreed to meet a few days later with a buyer.

Heading to the Vanderboren estate, the crew learned that Lavinia had left about a week prior with the Lotus Dragons, headed out to the family vault. They did not bring supplies for a long trip, and it had already been longer than they were expected to be gone. Some clever sleuthing by Thomas Bevel led the group to believe the vault was located somewhere within the island chain known as “Dagon’s Jaws”, and that the Vanderboren family spent time in the town of Little Oppara.

The crew met with Shaduk a day later, and brokered the deal for the sail of the Blue Nixie. Most of the goods that were traded for the ship were perishable however, and so the Storm’s Herald stayed in port for another week to sell the goods and boost their reputation.

After another few days at sea, the freshly rested Herald approached Little Oppara on Taldas Island. Investigation led to the discovery of the Vanderboren beach house a mile or so down the coast. The house was easily found, and after some minor breaking and entering it was noted that the house had a recent guest – clearly male, and with a nobles taste in clothing.

From the beach house, Thomas and Brook were able to see a rock formation that matched the one in the picture at the Vanderboren estate. The Herald set sail once more and landed on the small island. Once another ship (and it’s crew) was discovered completely destroyed by fire, the Herald was sent back to Little Oppara while the officers remained on the island to investigate.

Tracking some recent prints in the beach to a mountain pass, the Vanderboren Vault was finally found. The officers of the Storm’s Herald easily bypassed the first few rooms of tricks, finally leading into another small room with a rotating pillar and various creatures carved into the walls. Within one of the Alcoves was a crumpled note, and a small envelope containing both of the family signet rings. The note mentioned that they were too late, but they may still find what they are looking for inside the vault. It was signed Vanthus Vanderboren, and immediately exploded upon reading.

After a few hours of attempts playing with the pillar, the rings, and the wall carvings, Thomas had another moment of inspiration that led to the discovery of the correct combination – involving the number of eyes on each statue and the note previously found on the Blue Nixie.

The vault door slid open, revealing a horrible stench of bodily fluids and blood. The vault was completely looted except for one final chest with a neatly folded note on top. This particular note was shorter, and simply said “Here’s your 10%, no hard feelings. – Tolin Kientai” The chest contained a modest sum of gold and gems, and further investigation revealed a smaller sealed box containing several notes of debt. The notes were from various people and organizations, owing the Vanderboren family a substantial sum of gold.

Lavinia Vanderboren was found dead within from dehydration, her nails and fingers ruined from clawing at the heavy vault door. She had been left for dead, and the crew of the Storm’s Herald had come too late. At least, that’s the story Brook tells.

Episode 13 - The Battle of the Blue Nixie
These are the stories of legends!

Without knowing much about the capabilities of either opposing ship, the Storm’s Herald picked up speed to chase down the Blue Nixie – leaving the Truewind trailing behind. After a short chase, the Herald was deftly maneuvered into position by sailing master Tragen. The fighting crew of the Herald were worked into a bloodlust by the spectacle with prisoner Tharkidor and the chase of the Nixie, and immediately began the slaughter of her crew.

After a quick engagement, the Nixie’s officers fell and the ship was under the control of Captain One Boot. A short lived victory however, as almost immediately after the Nixie fell the Truewind was sighted in a ramming course with it. Bursts of light filled the sky, as magical fire rained down upon the sails of the Storm’s Herald. The voice of a madman could be heard over the crashing waves, taunting the crew of the Storm’s herald from the bow of the Truewind – it was Zan, of the Lotus Dragons. His taunt’s turned into panic as another ball of flame misfired directly into the sails of the Truewind, igniting them instantly.

Without much choice, the Herald’s crew split their forces and quickly took command of the Nixie – narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with the oncoming Truewind. In the same instant, Tolin Kientai lept from the bow of the Truewind directly onto the Blue Nixie, nearly slicing Cromarcky in half with his blade and forcing her to retreat. In a blur of steel and kicks, he had disabled Thomas and taken control of the forecastle. Seeing that Brandr was busy at the wheel, he helped Thomas up and began his investigation of the ship to find the Ring.

Meanwhile, Brook and Tragen were locked in a heated ship battle between the damaged Truewind and the Storm’s Herald, now under-crewed and also damaged. Piloted by the stern dwarf Kaskus Kiel, the Truewind was a formidable opponent, but no match for the skill of Tragen. Guided by Gozreh’s hand and Brook’s mouth, Tragen and the Storm’s herald mercilessly dashed apart the Truewind piece by piece. It was clear that Zan’s anger was growing uncontrollable, as he kept searching for a way aboard the Herald – however when all was lost he listened to Kaskus and they began to retreat across the air in the direction of the Blue Nixie, leaving the Truewind to it’s watery grave.

Aboard the Blue Nixie, Moussa managed to stall Tolin for a moment below decks. It was clear that Tolin was not alone aboard the Nixie however, as he was communicating with someone – the Lotus Dragon mage Liamae Teslikaria. Once informed that the ring was in their possession, Tolin headed to the deck of the Nixie where he encountered Thomas, and a furious Captain Gunnarson. Excitedly accepting One Boot’s challenge, Tolin bargined with the unseen mage for a few seconds of time to engage this new opponent – Cromarky grabbed the wheel of the Nixie, and a deadly dance began. It was quickly apparent that even together, Brandr and Thomas were outclassed by this swordsman. After disabling Brandr, throwing Thomas overboard, and some closing remarks from both sides, Tolin was whisked away by Liamae’s magic into the middle of the sea where Kaskus and Zan awaited.

The battle was not over however, as Tragen wheeled the Herald around once more towards the Lotus Dragons in the water – gaining as much speed as possible to ram them. Liamae desperately called out her magic to create a massive ring of fire surrounding the group – knowing that surely the ship would not sail through it. Cries of panic and agony could be heard in the water as Tragen plowed the Storm’s Herald directly through the fire into the Lotus Dragons.

It wasn’t until minutes later, when the fires were all put out and the crew recovered that they realized the Lotus Dragons had narrowly escaped. Gnasher was found with a new wound, and a bit of blue cloak and chain-link armor in his mouth.

After taking a week to recover, repair, and salvage what they could from the sunken Truewind, the Storm’s Herald and Blue Nixie set sail for Bloodcove, tacking along the southern boarder of the Shackles.

Sailing up upon Tidewater Rock, Captain One Boot’s thirst for adventure grew once again – and a small boarding party was set ashore to investigate the defenses of this Island Fortress. The crew made their way to the edge of a lagoon that harbored two ships. The first ship was a smaller Junk named the “Large Assets”, known to be the property of Lady Agasta Smythee, the current owner of Tidewater Rock.

The second ship however, was the problem. An enormous four masted Chellish Man-O-War armed with nearly two dozen siege engines, a massive crew, and emblazoned with the coat of House Thrune. This beast is a well known Chellaxian Pirate Hunter called the Dominator, and it’s imposing figure is blocking the only way into the Harbor of Tidewater Rock.

Episode 12 - Trading with Serpents
Only a pirate would think of this plan!

The morning at Rickety’s was bitter sweet at best. Master at arms Corvus Dreadbeak abandoned the crew of the Storm’s Herald with nothing more than a parting note to Bosun Cromarcky – taking Fipps, Aretta, Narwhal, Molly, Honey, and nearly a dozen of the Kurstav’s original crew with him. This lack of crew left the newly squibbed Return on Investment landlocked until the Storm’s Herald could return. During the wait, talkative older gentleman named Thomas Bevel was recruited by Moussa to “assist” with the siege weaponry.

Splitting the crew, both ships were sailed once again to Bloodcove short handed. Once at Bloodcove, Cromarcky (disguised as Lydia) led Brook (disguised as Matthew) and Tragen (disguised as Tragen) in a search for a buyer. The harbormaster at Bloodcove mentioned three possible options: The Aspis Consortium, Shaduk the casino owner, and the young Lady Vanderboren. The Aspis Consortium was chosen, as it was too perfect of a story to pass up to sell them their own stolen ship.

The group was pointed to a building down the dock, eventually being led into a brief discussion with a woman named Rowyn Kellani – one of the merchant leaders of the Aspis here in Bloodcove. Convincing her that the sale needed to be made quickly, Rowyn agreed to have the ship inspected in the morning. Immediately heading to the Tickling Keelhaul, Cromarcky hired a few choice prostitutes to ensure that the inspectors would be distracted in the morning.

The Storm’s Herald landed in Bloodcove later that evening, and it was decided that staying two seperate crews would be required to maintain this illusion. In the morning – everyone found their way to the Return on Investment and waited for the inspection. A brutish man named Kersh Restun led some inspectors onto the ship. It was clear that Kersh was only there to keep Cromarcky busy while the inspectors did their work, but between Brook, Tragen, and the strategically placed prostitutes – the inspection seemed to be a success. Cromarcky agreed to meet Kersh at Shaduk’s Ninepins later that evening for some drinks. That evening – “Lydia” met Kersh at Shaduk’s casino, but quickly fled after he dispatched an uprising bar fight with some skill.

During this encounter, an old halfling woman named Kora Whistlegap was searching the ships at the dock one by one looking for the Return on Investment. Eventually finding her way to the ship by means of Captain One Boot, she set up a meeting between “Captain Lydia” and her Lady Vanderboren for the next day. Lady Lavinia Vanderboren is a young noblewoman who recently obtained her parent’s estate (and debt) due to an unfortunate accident involving a fire on a ship in the harbor. She is looking to obtain a ship in order to find her fathers ship – the Blue Nixie. The key to her family’s vault; and her only path out of debt; lies somewhere within the Blue Nixie. The ship was stolen shortly after her parent’s death – and she has been using her family’s mercenary group to track it down. Seeing opportunity, Brook decided that he would “introduce” Lavinia to the Captain of the Storm’s Herald.

A few days passed at port, and another short interaction between Cromarcky and Kersh indicated that he knew she was a pirate of sorts. The next day, “Lydia”, “Matthew”, Tragen, and Moussa were led deeper into the Aspis Consortium complex for negotiations about the Return on Investment. Rowyn sat in a remarkable room in front of an extremely detailed map of Bloodcove, while Kersh stood off to the side. Some very tense negotiation eventually had Captain Lydia agree to a hefty sum of gold for the ship, but she refused to sell the crew for any price. Led back out to the ship, the crew was released and the sum was paid by Kersh – although the relationship between Kersh and the officers of the Return on Investment was volatile at best.

Once settled again as a single crew, Brandr met with Lady Vanderboren at her manor. A contract was written up for the successful capture of the Blue Nixie, and the return of the Vault Key. The Captain would be able to keep the Blue Nixie, and claim 10% of any profits from the vault. Setting sail, the Blue Nixie was tracked as being roughly 4 days west – deep in the Fever Sea.

After days spent sailing to the targeted area, the Nixie was finally in sight. In an impressive showing, prisoner Aspar Tharkidor was made to walk to plank as an offer to Besmara and to boost the morale of the crew.

While speeding up to engage the Nixie however, another ship came into sight. This new ship was clearly moving to engage as well, and with all three ships clearly visible – a great battle was about to commence!

Episode 11 - The Storm's Herald
Beauties of the sea, what be her name? The Storm's Herald is born.


After a few days in port gathering some final supplies, crew, and telling stories, Rickety finished the squibbing and repairs of the Ruby of Katheer on schedule. The time had come to set sail at last. Rechristened by Captain Pegsworthy to the name of the Storm’s Herald – the invigorated young crew set out onto the open sea to begin their legend.

It was decided that the crew needed to bolster its ranks further, and a course was set for Bloodcove to the south along the coast. Passing a few minor fishing villages along the way, the trip was relatively uneventful.

Docking at Bloodcove was pricy, and the crew needed a source of income quickly or their legend would be cut short. After spending a few days in port recruiting, Sailing Master Tragen spotted a worthy target loading up a heavy shipment of arms and armor – a longboat known as the Kurstav. Bosun Cromarcky easily infiltrated the ship’s ranks and discovered their destination was the massive port of Senghor to the south on the cape.

Plotting a course and ducking into a nearby cove, the Storm’s Herald made anchor and set a trap for the Kurstav. Once spotted, the Storm’s Herald expertly cut across it’s path. Clearly outmatched by Tragen’s sailing and knowing they could not outrun the Herald without oarsmen, Captain Aspar Tharkidor quickly raised the white flag. After a pathetic attempt at deception, his mercenaries were quickly turned against him and he was captured – claiming revenge by his supporters.

The Kurstav was outfitted oddly. Within the mid-ship there were shackles set up for oarsmen, but the crew itself was minimal and only using sails. An investigation into the shipping manifests and interrogation of Tharkidor revealed the ship to be smuggling weapons into Senghor for the Aspis Consortium – expecting to return with a hold full of slaves. Senghor is known for it’s anti-piracy and anti-slavery stances, so this was clearly an underground activity.

After some discussion, both the Storm’s Herald and the Kurstav were sailed to Senghor. Docking in Senghor was imposing at best. The enormous port is heavily guarded by the Senghor navy and the port itself was expertly constructed for easy defense. Shortly after docking, Crimson claimed to have some contacts here, and began his work selling the plunder. After the first day he had sold a third of the weapons for an exceptional rate.

The second night ended a bit more abruptly however, as Crimson returned once again with another hefty sum of gold and some urgency that “We need to leave, immediately.” It was later discovered that he sold the first batch of weapons to a Chellish Captain named Irius Trock of the Dowager Queen. He then planted the rest of the weapons on their ship with the expert distraction provided by Corvus and crew. The origins of the second pile of gold are unknown, but it’s clear that his contacts are not fond of the Chellish fleet.

Leaving Senghor quickly, both ships were piloted to Rickety’s squibs once again – where the Kurstav awaits it’s reconstruction. The success of this first outing spread quickly through Rickety’s, and the legend of the Storm’s Herald and “One Boot’s” crew continues to grow.

Episode 10 - Rickety's Squibs
Shore leave at last!

As the crew settled in at Rickety’s, rumors began to spring up about the recent heat wave and low water levels in the settlement’s river tributary. Looking for something to do, the officers made their way up river to discover it had been blocked off by a makeshift mud dam. Previously informed of Naga settlement in this area, it was decided best to leave it be.

During a relaxing afternoon later in the week, Rickety’s came under attack by a crazed young water naga. Although chased off without casualty, the naga was identified as Selissa – who is known to live just upstream. Gathering their forces, the officers of the Ruby of Katheer headed upstream once again.

Selissa was encountered dazed and dehydrated, and mostly incoherant. Further upstream was yet another mud dam, and the investigation continued well into the night. During the darkest watch the group was ambushed by a Sea Hag druid, that quickly revealed herself to be the cause of the problems. After being dispatched, the dams were destroyed and the water flow to Rickety’s was restored.

Rickety’s was under assault by a nest of giant wasps that had clearly been awoken by the onrush of water. Diving into the fray once more, Rickety’s was saved by the crew of the Ruby with limited damage. During the confusion however, a Chellish galleon had landed in the dock – much to the dismay of Moussa.

The leader of the group was a free captain known as Merill Pegsworthy. After a tense few moments, both captains Pegsworthy and “One Boot” realized the confusion, and their common ground against Captain Harrigan. Pegsworthy recognized the Ruby of Katheer from it’s previous name as the Man’s Promise, and made mention of some “lost cargo” during his raid of the ship. It was later discovered that this cargo was Moussa, who turned out to be a Slaver that had crossed paths with Captain Pegsworthy many times in the past.

Although he has seen the squibbed form of the Ruby of Katheer, Captain Pegsworthy quickly grew fond of the crew. Drinks were had, and a new alliance was born – one that is sure to be tested in the future.

Episode 8 & 9 - Bonewrack Island
The Island of the Dead

Upon reaching the island, the newly made officers of the Ruby found that most of the coast was jagged shoreline and crashing waves. Rowing around to a beach on the eastern shore, they discovered that the entire coastline was patrolled by inanimate scrimshawed skeletal warriors, posted as some sort of tribal warning.

Landing on shore, they headed north for a fishing village they spied from off the coast. After encountering some less than friendly natives, it was determined that this island was not a habitable place. Some terrible disease seems to have stricken the island. The wildlife was non-existent with exception to vermin, and the only signs of sentience had been turned into undead monsters – including the long shipwrecked crew of some poor sea voyage. The village proved deserted, and a quick view from a nearby hill showed that there was some sort of structure on the large cliff to the west.

The next morning “Fresh Water” was gathered for the crew and sent back to the ship. Sailors tend to be superstitious about magical water.

The officers adventured south-west, discovering and avoiding a large corn field that seemed very ominous. Heading up the ridge took most of the day, but upon reaching the top a small stockade was discovered, containing a freshwater spring. After dispatching the locals that had set up shop, the story of the shipwrecked crew was determined.

A Chellish ship named the Infernus had been blown into a coral reef roughly 3 years ago in a storm very similar to the one that caught the Ruby. Arron Ivy, the final living survivor, set up this stockade to protect himself against the rest of the newly undead crew. Becoming less and less likely to survive, he attempted to take his own life by hanging – failing in the process and being turned by the terrible disease instead.

Morning came with new surprises. A spyglass set to the wall of the stockade was aimed in the direction of a small cove off the shore. Daylight showed some of the goblinoid creatures known as Grendylows were in the water, and one of them was wearing Sandara’s hat!

Rushing back to the rowboat, the officers made their way to the cove. Killing anything in their path they swam to the heart of Riptide Cove and encountered the Grendylow Queen, and her son “The Whale”, along with Sandara and Shivikah tied up.

During the ferocious battle, Shivikah sunk to the bottom of the churning waters and was ripped apart by ghouls. Sandara was saved just before she met the same fate. With the Whale defeated and the Queen fled, the officers shared a moment of relief at the safe return of their beloved sea priestess.

The battle had just begun however, as the Queen regrouped her remaining grendylow and laid a trap just outside the cove. Upon exiting, the officers found themselves ambushed by the remaining tribe. Another brutal battle took place, claiming the life of Tragen’s companion Biter. The Queen was dead.

Bitter moments took place back on the Ruby. Shivikah was given a small ceremony, and Dungrin punished for his lack of work (due to lack of pay) while the officers were on shore. The crew seemed very morose, but the Ruby has been repaired.

After few more days on the island to gather final supplies and finish looting the Riptide cove, the Ruby set sails (what was left of them) north for the coast.

The journey to Rickety’s Squibs was extremely slow, as the crippled ship limped its way across the Fever Sea north to a secluded area of the Slithering Coast. Finally reaching their destination, the crew of the Ruby was greeted by a weathered old man named Rickety Hake, owner and proprietor of Rickety’s Squibs – a secret establishment that refitted ships for pirates. After a short inspection and negotiation, Rickety has been hired to repair and squib the Ruby.

The repairs will take nearly a week, and the crew has some much needed shore-leave in the small village.

Episode 7 - Mutiny!
The rise and fall of Captain Plugg

It didn’t take long before the Wormwood was out of earshot for Captain Plugg to begin showing his true colors. He immediately began assigning roles on his new ship, promoting Master Scourge and his lackies to ranking positions.

Six new crewmembers from the Ruby of Katheer had joined the crew as well: Dungrin, Habbly ‘Stitchman’ Quarne, Hannah Coralhide, Molly, Moussa Al-Abbas, and Shivikah.

Corvus Dreadbeak was to be chained up for previous crimes, but the bold tengu did not take to that idea. He challenged Master Scourge’s leadership, and tested his skill one on one. Scourge may be a coward when the chips are down, but he showed that he was not a weakling when the odds were in his favor by quickly dropping Corvus in front of the crew. Just before the finishing blow, Morgana Cromarcky declared that she would “do anything” to save Corvus; a thought that excited Master Scourge to no end.

The bird was saved once more.

Ship roles were dealt out, and the work was difficult due to the lessened crew. At the Bloody Hour, Master Scourge brought forward only women, who clearly did not deserve the whippings they were given. Nobody raised a hand however, and the punishment was dealt.

The tension on the ship finally snapped into bloody chaos. Early into that night, the mutiny happened. Led by Brandr Gunnarson it was swift and brutal – ending in the deaths of both Master Scourge and Captain Plugg at the hands of Corvus Dreadbeak.

After the celebration and some campaigning, Brandr was declared Captain by ships vote – winning out over Corvus Dreadbeak. With Brook Wavestrider taking the first mate position, Tragen declared sailing master, Corvus master at arms, and Morgana bosun. Moussa was kept on as the Master Gunner, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop as the cook, and various mate positions were assigned.

The celebration did not last long however.

That night, in the darkest hours, a terrible squall roared across the ocean. All hands were called on deck, and a battle more brutal than any before began against Besmara herself. During the storm, the ship was sabotaged and then assaulted by strange goblinoid creatures called Grendylows. The creatures managed to disable the primary rudder, and despite their best efforts, the crew was not seasoned or organized enough to bring the ship around. The Ruby of Katheer took severe damage, losing the foremast, most of the rigging, and eventually crashing into an uncharted coral reef and breaching the hull in the bilges.

Both Sandara Quinn and Shivikah were lost at sea during the chaos, and no sign of them has been seen since. The crew find themselves shipwrecked near an uncharted island without water or supplies, with a badly damaged ship and missing crew.

Biter is on the trail, but it remains to be seen what terrors await on this island.

Episode 6 - The Ruby of Katheer
Dangers in the bilges, and the first taste of Piracy

The day began as any other aboard the wormwood, and then Mr. Plugg decided that double shifts were needed to catch the Ruby of Katheer. A grueling day turned into a long night, as the crew continued their work into the dark hours. On the second shift, a strange turn of events had Corvus Dreadbeak, a rigger, signed up for Bilge duty. By the end of the shift, Dreadbeak was found in the bilges with the hanging corpses of Maheem and Jaundiced Jape. An investigation began, and immediately halted when the bird claimed their deaths, and declared they were talking mutiny. Corvus was thrown into the sweatbox for the night, and would be left to the Captain.

The following day, Captain Harrigan began his interrogation of Corvus, who stuck with the story of mutiny. His arrogance was quickly subdued when the Captain began to deal out punishments to well-meaning bystanders, and the fate of Dreadbeak would wait another day in the sweatbox.

The morning watch had Tragen sound the “Ship Ahoy!”, and the Ruby of Katheer was finally in sight. Riaris Krine geared the crew for battle, and Corvus was given a choice – to “fight” with the crew by absorbing the initial crossbow fire, or be keelhauled prior to the raid; an easy choice to be sure. Brandr Gunnarson led the assault for the wormwood rookies, and along with Tragen, Brook, Morgana, and eventually Corvus managed to capture and hold the aft deck of the Ruby. The fight was bloody and quick, and the Wormwood had captured their prey.

The celebration party began immediately, and the booty was distributed to the crew. Corvus was given a reprieve due to a well timed warning to Captain Harrigan during the battle. After the celebration died down a day or so later, the crew was gathered to the deck once again. The remaining crew of the Ruby was paraded across the deck and given the option to join, or be sold as slaves. The Captain then announced that Mr. Plugg would be taking a skeleton crew along with the Ruby of Katheer to Port Peril, where it would be sold.

Farewells were given, and the new crew of the Ruby of Katheer boarded for new adventure. The day was begun with the newly ranked Captain Plugg and First Mate Scourge explaining how life would be on the Ruby. A rousing speech to be sure.

They did not win any new friends.

Episode 5 - Pirate School
Pirate recreation, and pirate education

The night of the Emperor was a victory for the rookie crew members in more ways than one. During the celebration party, Brook began to tell the story of the adventure. Upon reaching the part where Morgana slew the giant scorpion in one stroke, Master Scourge declared “BULLSHIT!”

Insults were thrown, the challenge was made, and the game was on. Known only as “Heave”, the pirate drinking game is exceptionally lethal when using the Wormwood Rum Rations. Sitting down on one side of the table was Master Scourge, Sam “Narwhal” Tate, Jaundiced Jape, Aretta Bansion, and Maheem. At the other side was Corvus Dreadbeak, Morgana Cromarcky, Tragen, Sandara Quinn, and an unlikely Fipps Chumlett – who was bought in by Corvus.

It was clear during the early rounds that the only way to survive this game was to cheat, and not get caught. Insults were thrown back and forth, and the final round came down to Scourge, Narwhal, Tragen, and Sandara. After a brutal round of drinking, Tragen emerged victorious, claiming the pot of gold. Although defeated, Scourge took one last twist of the knife and promoted Tragen to rigger just before stumbling up to his cabin.

The next days on the ship were difficult for everyone. Most of the crew was terribly hung-over and liberal whippings were applied at the bloody hour.

Morning brought an interesting change of pace for the Wormwood rookies. Riaris Krine, the ships Master Gunner, set out on a brutal training method she called “Boarding School”. Two teams were made of the new “recruits”, with Kipper evening them out. The entire day was spent with repeated drills of throwing grapnels and climbing rope.

Very few rules were laid out, and some more inventive methods of boarding the ship were devised, but in the end strength won out. Brandyr took first place for the day, with Corvus right behind him – as both of proved to be extremely adept at both boarding and repelling invaders. Conchobhar and Morgana took last place, which surprised no-one.

Episode 4 - Emperor of the Waves
Besmara claims the Emperor

Morning came and went, and sometime during the early afternoon Mr. Plugg brought 4 baskets to the deck. Brandr, Corvus, Morgana, and Tragen were sent out to a nearby coral reef to collect crabs for the captains dinner, under the oversight of Brook Wavestrider – the Cook’s Mate. After a brief encounter with some Reefclaws, the team returned victorious, and both Mr. Plugg and Captain Harrigan ate well that night.

The next day, the there was a sighting from the rigging – a broken merchant ship known as the Emperor of the Waves. Given the success the previous day, Plugg once again sent out the rookies, along with the Gunner’s Mate Kipper on a jollyboat to investigate the wreckage.

It did not take long to realize that the Emperor of the Waves had been severely damaged, and was slowly sinking. Initial investigations of the ship found a crew log reporting of an uncharted island of orcs and their vermin companions. Initial glee from finding treasure was quickly routed by swarms of spiders, giant centipedes and scorpions, and a crazed – bloodthirsty orcish druid that put up quite a fight.

It was not until the lower holds of the ship that the real treasure was found; the treasure that Captain Harrigan would be interested in. The ornate chest with magical protections seemed untouched by the harsh salt environment, and was clearly valuable. It was just then that the ship began to be torn apart – the giant squid that had caused the initial damage had returned to finish the job.

In a race against time, the chest was hauled to the deck. Brook ran ahead to signal for Kipper and any aid that could be given, and Tragen swam back to the Wormwood in an attempt to get help. The chest was loaded onto the jollyboat just as the squid pulled the Emperor of the Waves under. Kipper and Brandyr rowed furiously to the Wormwood, as the squid began to give chase.

Rowing backwards, they passed Peppery Longfarthing and Captain Harrigan standing on the waves towards the squid. The captain took one look, put his sword in his teeth, and began to swim directly towards the beast. After a furious battle, the captain emerged victorious with it’s heart, which he promptly gave to Brook for his dinner that evening.


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