Tag: Lotus Dragons


  • Tolin Kientai

    Tolin is the leader of the Lotus Dragons mercenary company, and a charming individual. He speaks with a calm arrogance and is always ready to accept a new challenge. Tolin and the Lotus Dragons were first encountered in the Battle of the Blue Nixie. …

  • Zan Oldavin

    Kept under control by Kaskus Kiel, Zan Oldavin is a member of the Lotus Dragons mercenary company. It's obvious that he's very unstable, and quite possibly suicidal in his murderous urges.

  • Kaskus Kiel

    The gruff old father figure of the Lotus Dragons, Kaskus is a stern man with a methodical mindset and stoic personality.

  • Liamae Teslikaria

    Liamae is the tactician of the Lotus Dragon mercenary company. Although not much for straight combat, it's clear she has more than a few tricks up her sleeves.