Tag: Wormwood


  • Riaris Krine

    One of her legs has been replaced with a wooden peg leg, the result of a wayward catapult shot that took off her leg below the knee. She may be the most viletongued wench you have ever met, and her language makes even [[:rosie-cusswell | Rosie]] sound …

  • Peppery Longfarthing

    Peppery Longfarthing is the Wormwood‘s Sailing Master. She spends most of her time in her study in the officer quarters. She doesn’t interact much with the crew (even other Officers) apart from [[:barnabas-harrigan | Captain Harrigan]].

  • Kipper

    Kipper is the Gunner’s Mate aboard the Wormwood which means he is apprenticed to Master Gunner [[:riaris-krine | Riaris Krine]]. Despite this he spends a lot of time with Patch Patchsalt and Master Scourge. He takes quickly to his duties as a Gunner’s …

  • Patch Patchsalt

    Patch is the Wormwood‘s Boatswain’s Mate, which means she takes orders from Master Scourge. She watches the man and learns from his examples from afar. She dresses like a ‘landlubber’ but doesn’t respond to the comments from the crew.

  • Caulky Tarroon

    ‘Caulky’ Tarroon is the Captain’s Cabin Girl. She carries food from the Galley to his Cabin each night to feed him and the other Officers. She doesn’t say much but her grin indicates that she's better than you.